Reshaping the workforce through our Returnship initiative

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That’s a wrap! Schneider Electric’s second Returnship program cohort has just concluded, with 13 professionals (184 combined years of experience!) securing roles.

These candidates are experienced talents with engineering, finance, program management, supply chain, marketing, and other sought-after backgrounds.

“They gave me a chance to show that I’m more than the resume… They really pushed me, and they accepted me as I am.”

Venus Senjam, Senior Customer Project Manager

Overall, the Returnship program continues to prove that non-traditional candidates and those with resume breaks can return and find success.

What is a “Returnship?”

A Returnship is an internship for someone returning to the workforce after taking time away from work to complete military service, raise children, care for a sick family member, come out of retirement, etc.

Returners have extensive career histories with strong academic backgrounds. They can quickly jump in and restart their careers and add value to Schneider Electric in a short amount of time. Their unique skills benefit teams, provide role models, and add diversity.

During the six-month program, returners receive coaching and development from our partner, reacHIRE, while gaining hands-on work experience at Schneider.  A month into the last cohort, returnees mentioned being “proud,” “thrilled” and “excited about my future and having a platform to add value.” Belonging to a team, gaining the opportunity contribute in a meaningful way, and becoming a product expert were other highlights mentioned by the group.

After the six-month engagement, returners are either hired into a full-time role or explore other returnship opportunities.

Preparing for the next cohort

Managers across Schneider Electric have already started preparing for the January 2024 cohort. Positions will be posted in September, and recruiting will also begin at this time.

If you have taken a 2+ year career break and feel ready to explore future roles, join reacHIRE’s talent community. From there, you’ll be connected with opportunities to fit your skillset and ambitions.

Want to learn more about the program?

Want to learn more about Returnship? Read a recent blog on the program.

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