From intern to senior commercial analyst: My exciting career journey at Schneider Electric

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When I first joined the Schneider Intern program in 2018, I was studying commerce at university, but I was still in the process of figuring out which career path to pursue. The internship provided me with a unique opportunity to delve into a new area of commerce: the pricing team. It was a field I hadn’t been exposed to before, but thanks to the unwavering support of my managers and colleagues, I embarked on an exciting learning journey.

Finding my Calling – Pricing!

During my time as an intern, I not only explored the intricacies of pricing but also had the chance to dabble in various other aspects of the business. This exposure allowed me to gain a broader perspective and discover my true passion within the field. I was grateful for the flexibility and encouragement provided by Schneider, which enabled me to try different roles and find the direction I wanted my career to take.

As the internship ended, I transitioned into a part-time role at Schneider and was entrusted with coordinating pricing projects. These projects turned out to be pivotal moments in my career, as they solidified my interest in the pricing profession. It became increasingly clear to me that this was the path I wanted to pursue. Motivated by this realization, I made the decision to join the graduate program at Schneider, eager to continue my learning journey and further develop my expertise.

Determination to #LearnEveryDay

Determined to enhance my knowledge and skills in pricing, I sought out opportunities to advance my education in the field. With the support of my managers, I enrolled in the Pricing Professional Certificate (CPP) program. Undertaking this certification required a significant commitment of time and effort—nine months of dedicated study. However, the challenges I faced during this period allowed me to cultivate invaluable time management skills and a stronger mindset. Schneider’s supportive work environment and genuine concern for employee well-being played a crucial role in helping me strike a healthy balance between work and study. I am grateful to have been part of an organization that recognizes the importance of personal growth and encourages its employees to pursue further education while excelling in their careers.

Finally, with support from managers, Schneider’s New Ways of Working principals, I proudly obtained my Certificate of Professional Pricing. This accomplishment reinforced my belief in the significance of mentorship and managerial support in early career development. The exposure to inspiring individuals, which was made possible through my experience in the Schneider Electric Intern program, has proven to be instrumental in my personal growth and professional success.

The Journey Continues…

From my initial uncertainty about my career trajectory, I have come a long way with the guidance and exposure provided by Schneider Electric. My educational pursuits have been supported, and my career has flourished as a result. I am genuinely thrilled to embark on my next adventure at Schneider as a Senior Commercial Analyst. This new role marks another exciting chapter in my career journey—one that I owe, in large part, to the enriching experiences and opportunities that Schneider Electric has afforded me.

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Joyce Lee, Senior End User & Segments Performance Analyst

Joyce is a senior commercial analyst with four years of professional experience at Schneider Electric. Her passion is to combine her knowledge of pricing and communication with her desire for problem-solving. Joyce strives to enhance her digital skill set and knowledge to drive action and leverage customer and competitive insights to support business growth. Joyce is an avid learner who is always looking for ways to develop her pricing skills in combination with sales, marketing and finance insights – to drive business growth and personal development.

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