Schneider Electric celebrates #NationalInternDay

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Happy #NationalInternDay! Today is a day to celebrate and recognize our wonderful interns, and Schneider Electric certainly has some amazing students working as interns and co-ops.   

As Campus & Early Career Engagement Manager, I am fortunate to help attract high-caliber, diverse university-level talent to Schneider Electric, leading projects like the Schneider Electric Internship Program and Schneider Go Green student challenge, bridging connections between innovative students and a meaningful career at Schneider.  

Our intern program empowers students to make an impact, build community, gain exposure across the organization, and explore future careers with Schneider Electric. 

We asked our interns to share a bit about their experiences and memories as an intern at SE, and any advice they’d like to share. Be sure to celebrate the great interns in your company today, and every day!   

Challenging Projects

“As a summer intern at Schneider Electric, I had the privilege of working on challenging projects alongside experienced professionals. The guidance and mentorship provided by my supervisor were instrumental in my professional and personal growth. From day one, I felt welcomed and valued as a member of the team. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from the #SEGreatPeople and contribute to meaningful work.” 

Jahad Hoq, Logistics Engineering Data and Analytics Intern
Mechanicsburg, PA 
Freedom to Explore

“Heading into my summer internship, I wanted to understand the applications of the fields I had been studying in academia, and Schneider Electric has allowed me to do just that within Systems Engineering. Throughout my time here, I have been given the freedom to explore my strengths while simultaneously receiving amazing mentorship. I am grateful for Schneider Electric and the community within for granting me the confidence heading into the workforce.” 

Sarah Halsey, Engineer Intern 

“Fail fast and own it. Throughout my time at Schneider Electric, my managers have fostered a culture for me to try new things. I have learned to own my failures. They’re not really failures they are learning opportunities, from these lessons they have helped to spark new ideas for creativity which I appreciate my team for trusting me to be bold.” 

Max Poteat, Global Marketing Intern

Amazing Culture

“My internship with Schneider Electric has been an exceptional journey that provided me with the opportunity to network with talented and inspiring individuals. Understanding Schneider Electric’s dedication to empowering inclusion and diversity strengthened my commitment to making a difference in supporting the company’s work culture. The energetic environment, impactful colleagues, and meaningful projects fuel my passion, curiosity, and devotion. I am grateful to be a part of #SEGreatPeople where we strive for equal opportunities.” 

Suong Lim, Talent Acquisition Intern 
Meaningful projects

“Throughout my internship experience, I was given real responsibilities and had the chance to work on meaningful projects. This hands-on experience allowed me to learn the intricacies of procurement processes, from sourcing suppliers to managing contracts. I was encouraged to voice my ideas and actively participate in team discussions, which boosted my confidence and communication skills. As the weeks passed, I found myself becoming more proactive and resourceful. Beyond the technical aspects, this internship exposed me to the fast-paced and ever-changing world of business. I adapted to shifting priorities and deadlines, and I realized the significance of being adaptable and resilient in the face of challenges. 

I am grateful for the support and guidance I received from my mentors and colleagues, which played a significant role in shaping me into a more confident and competent professional. I am eager to apply the knowledge and skills I have gained in my academic and professional pursuits, and I am certain that this experience has laid a strong foundation for my career in procurement and beyond.”

Mariana Rizza F., Procurement Intern
Nuevo León, MX.  

learning from mentors

“The guidance from mentors and the collaborative atmosphere are invaluable in shaping my understanding of the industry and clarifying my purpose. This internship has solidified my passion and direction, setting me on a path towards a future career in industrial automation. I am grateful for the continued opportunity to learn, contribute, and make a meaningful impact during my time at Schneider Electric.”  Read more in his blog

Mohammed Hazique Shaikh
Offer Management Intern, Industrial Automation Business 

great work environment

“I have worked on a wide array of projects during the duration of my internship including co-hosting a training to all the interns in North America, hired interns for various positions, as well as managed communications for a variety of projects. SE has a warm and welcoming environment, creating opportunities for their interns to not only gain valuable experience but to find a sense of purpose and community.” 

Aubrey Knox, Talent Acquisition Intern


“It has been an absolute pleasure interning at Schneider Electric this summer! The fast-paced growth driven environment enabled me to learn new and leverage existing skills to serve unique opportunities for the US strategy team. I was also able to form genuine relationships and grow under incredible seniors who provided an encouraging, independent, and proactive work environment. Whether it was grabbing coffee or lunch, discussing our small stressors, bonding over our similarities and uniqueness, or playing Topgolf together, this has so far been an unforgettable internship and truly highlighted the greatest asset of Schneider Electric – its people.” 

Lisa Wang, US Strategy Intern 
Chicago, IL 


“My Global Marketing internship with Schneider Electric has been nothing short of amazing, and it has exceeded my expectations in so many ways. My team has welcomed me with open arms, making sure I feel included and valued during each team meeting and task. I have been given the opportunity to dive into many dynamic projects that involve various forms of marketing and communications and felt supported from start to finish. I feel very grateful to be part of the #SEGreatPeople community where curiosity and collaboration are not only encouraged but essential to the company’s culture. I am so excited to continue growing and learning throughout the next year!”

Caroline Lancaster, US Media Relations Intern 

 Freedom to Explore

“Schneider Electric has been a dream come true. After 6 months of constant applications and networking with the SE employees, I could finally make it to the company which I dreamed about. As a Logistics Intern, I spend most of my time on the floor interacting with people and learning new things every day. The most incredible part of the journey has been the people around me. I look forward to coming to work every single day. I am very proud to be a part of the Logistics Team as I get to work with some of the greatest talents here in the company. Schneider has indeed proven that “Great people make Schneider Electric a great company!”

Deepika Shankar Nayak, Logistics Intern

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Student competitors in the Schneider Go Green competition pose with SE employees for a photo in the Nashville, TN office (2023)

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