Daring to disrupt: Life at Schneider Electric 

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I came to the US with a dream – to pursue Master’s in Engineering Management and transition into dynamic techno-management roles. I was determined not to leave my technical background in Mechanical Engineering and Embedded systems behind. As my journey unfolded, an impactful opportunity to intern with the Schneider Electric Industrial Process Automation team presented itself. In this role, I find myself assisting Global Offer Managers and collaborating to develop strategies and craft unique value propositions for our product EcoStruxure Automation Expert. My focus also lies in exploring the competitive landscape of the renowned Schneider Foxboro Distributed Control Systems (DCS). Simultaneously, I am also diving into the evaluation of the competitive landscape for EcoStruxure Automation Expert.

I’ll share some of my experiences and favorite things about my internship.

Supportive Mentors and Collaborative Colleagues:

One of the key aspects that sets Schneider Electric apart is the unwavering support from mentors and the collaborative nature of colleagues. I greatly appreciate my mentors and colleagues who help me understand new technologies and the domain, encouraging me to think differently at each stage. Moreover, my fresh perspective is not only valued but is celebrated. The freedom I have to explore and to pave my own way has propelled me to push my limits. I truly admire how my recommendations and ideas are considered and discussed during meetings, a culture that thrives on innovation and empowerment.

The Game Changing Product:

I am fortunate to be the part of the change Schneider Electric is bringing to the industry. We are embracing a new era of industrial process automation through Schneider Electric’s next generation initiatives; we are setting the stage for a transformative shift in the industrial process automation space. With our groundbreaking product, EcoStruxure Automation Expert, we challenge existing processes and defy conventional norms. I am daring to disrupt and create a sustainable future of automation. I am bringing change.

Schneider Electric Foxboro: Interns Plant Tour 2023
Schneider Electric Foxboro interns pose for a photo during a plant tour (2023)

The Learnings and the Future:

I am experiencing a steep learning curve propelling my growth and development. Every day presents new challenges and opportunities to expand my knowledge and refine my skills in the industrial process automation space. The guidance from mentors and the collaborative atmosphere are invaluable in shaping my understanding of the industry and clarifying my purpose. This internship has solidified my passion and direction, setting me on a path towards a future career in industrial automation. I am grateful for the continued opportunity to learn, contribute, and make a meaningful impact during my time at Schneider Electric.

If you’re interested in an internship or Co-op at Schneider Electric in the US, visit our website to search and apply for your next opportunity.

Schneider Electric Foxboro interns attend a plant tour (2023)

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Mohammed Hazique Shaikh
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Greetings, readers! I am Mohammed Hazique Shaikh, an international student from India currently pursuing my graduate studies at Northeastern University, Boston. As fate would have it, I secured the incredible opportunity to join Schneider Electric as a Summer 2023 Offer Management Intern in the Industrial Automation space.

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