My journey to becoming a sales professional as a working mother

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Hi all! My name is Balvinder AKA Bally! Welcome to my first blog for Schneider Electric!

My Schneider journey started back in 2008 when I joined the Customer Contact Centre in our Telford, UK office. In my first two years as a Schneider Electric, I discovered I was pregnant and expecting my second daughter. I decided to put my career development on hold in 2010 to be there to support and build my young family.

Building my career experience with Schneider

Throughout my time within the Customer Care Centre, I learned so many skills and developed my knowledge of the front office aspect of the business. My experiences within the Customer Care Centre ranged from Inbound Customer Support, Account Management, Post Sales, Technical and team leading and managerial roles. All these experiences have put me in good stead to have detailed understanding of the business and its various entities.

Fast forward to January of 2022 and I began to re-focus on my career. Now that my daughters are at an age where they have their independence and are not so reliant on me always being around, I came to the realization….

My time is now!

This year has been a whirlwind for me, reflecting on my career achievements so far, I took an active role in getting myself back out there. Later in the year, I was privileged to attend the Women’s Networking Event in Manchester and, WOW! What an experience I had. The opportunities to get into conversations with various colleagues from across the UK&I zone were amazing and I have made some strong, long-lasting connections with people in various positions within the business networking.

To further my relationships within the business, I have become an ambassador for Schneider Electric and as part of being an ambassador I aim to use this platform to promote my own personal brand of being a ‘Working Mother’ – demonstrating you can start, pause, and resume YOUR career at YOUR own pace in line with YOUR life!

Your life and career is a journey

As soon as I started reflecting in January, I set myself a goal to get myself out there, speak to the right people, and secure my next career step before 2023. That’s exactly what I did! Through my hard work, dedication, and use of Schneider’s digital tools and networking, I have secured a position as Sales Engineer, and I am eager to start and continue my career journey.

What would I like you to take away from my experiences? Well, remember life is a journey, both personally and professionally. Yes, you will receive push backs, yes, you will put things to one side to focus on what matters to you. But do not give up on your dreams. Your career can start at any stage of your life and Schneider will be there with you along the way to assist, support and provide advice whenever you may need it.

Are you interested in career at Schneider Electric like Bally? Check out our website for more information and for available positions to take your career journey to the next level.

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Balvinder Boronski

Bally is an Area Sales Manager (UK), starting her career journey with Schneider in 2008. She has vast knowledge of various business areas including customer contact centre, management, graduate schemes, and sales.

Bally put her career on hold in 2010 to focus on being a mother. During this time, she still had the ambition to work in sales but needed to stay local to her home whilst her young children were in education.

In 2022 Bally re-visited her career prospects and reached out to managers and directors within the world of sales at Schneider Electric. This proved positive and she has now found the home / mother/ work life balance.

Outside of work Bally spends most of her time with her daughters and going to theme parks and holidays aboard.

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