[Podcast] Exploring the Exciting World of Supply Chain Careers: Insights from Industry Experts

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Supply Chains are the lifeblood of global economies that impact our daily life. Let’s take your favorite monthly subscription delivery as an example. Every time the delivery person rings your doorbell it feels like it’s Christmas, right? But what if your delivery is late? We can go from delighted to disappointed very quickly.

Previously, supply chains were seen as a back-office function, working quietly in the background. Now, there is a newfound appreciation for just how important they are as a key market differentiator.

Season 2, Episode 1: Exploring a Digital Supply Chain & Industry 4.0

Kicking off Season 2 of our ‘Own your Career, Own your Future’ podcast, we dive into the world of supply chain careers, debunking myths and shedding light on the exciting opportunities they offer! Join us as we chat with Mourad, Tripti, and Stephen, members of the Global Supply Chain team at Schneider Electric, who share their experiences and insights, and provide their invaluable career advice.

We will dive into the following key topics:

  • How Schneider Electric supports career talents who are passionate about a Supply Chain career
  • Expert tips and advice to pursue a career in Supply Chains
  • What it’s like to work in an advanced Lighthouse’ factory

The supply chain industry offers an exciting and dynamic career path, as highlighted by our guests!

Mourad Tamoud, Executive Vice President, Global Supply Chain

Mourad joined Schneider Electric in 1997 as Supply Chain & Logistic Manager. In 2012 he became Senior VP of Global Supply Chain China, post in which he had oversight of manufacturing and distribution operations for the region, and was responsible for safety, quality, customer satisfaction, procurement and supply chain.

Having been with Schneider Electric for over 20 years, Mourad has held positions in Low Voltage and Medium Voltage Industrial Operations, Industrial Strategy, Manufacturing Logistics, Production & Logistics, Procurement, and ERP Information Systems.

In June 2016 he was appointed as Executive Vice President of the Global Supply Chain Operations for Schneider Electric. As of February 2019, Mourad has joined the Executive Committee as the Chief Supply Chain Officer overseeing the Operations, Transformation, Logistics, Network Design and Strategic Agenda for the entire Supply Chain organization.

Tripti Jairath, Business Development and Operations Manager

Tripti has over +16 years of experience in Production and has worked in many sectors such as Telecom, IT & Manufacturing as Team lead, Project Manager, and Business Development. Her different positions gave her the opportunity to implement and drive changes processes and systems. Her motto is to always work for improvement and to embrace changes and challenges.

She has lived in different parts of India and Europe, she’s passionate about work and developing her team to the next level is her main priority. She believes that passion and hard work are the keys to success in any function or area.

Stephen Scruggs, Plant Manager

Stephen is the Plant Director for the Schneider Electric engineered to order manufacturing factory located in Seneca (USA). His background has been mostly in manufacturing operations over 35+ years across several manufacturing locations.

He thrives in developing talent that performs exceptionally well through the various challenges of the manufacturing environment, coupled with a drive to continuously improve the services and products that we provide. While he spends most of his time setting the vision and diving in to help with escalations and barriers, he prioritizes celebrating the wins and accomplishments as he believes this is key in promoting higher and higher levels of engagement.

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