From the football field to the corporate arena: My journey with Schneider’s graduate program

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I graduated from Linnéuniversitetet in Växjö, Sweden, with a degree in Financial Economics and Corporate Financial Management. As I approached my graduation, I felt a strong desire to connect and network with graduates from diverse backgrounds and cultures. That’s when my childhood friend, Sofia Karlsson, informed me about Schneider’s Nordic Graduate Program. The program offers young professionals to join us for a 9-month journey, during which they will work on real life positions/projects as full-time employees, but at the same time receive exclusive opportunities to participate in deep dive learning and development sessions, trainings, trips etc. Upon reading the program description, I realized it was the perfect fit for me.

Mentors & Buddies: Navigating the Transition

The whole nine months in the graduate program was a unique learning experience! 

Mentorship played a significant role in the program. Each of us was assigned mentors and buddies who were current employees at Schneider. Transitioning from university to the professional world was a significant leap, especially for me with a background in Financial Economics. Subjects like Energy Management, Automation, and Sustainability were completely new to me. Fortunately, my manager and the inspirational lectures provided during the program helped me smoothly transition from student life to my career.  

My manager at the time was incredibly thoughtful. She created a spreadsheet listing various activities that would help me make the most of the program. Sanna Yli-Kojola, my Finnish mentor and a former Nordic Graduate Program alumna, guided me expertly, having gone through the program herself. Additionally, my buddy, Robert Palm, based in Helsingborg, has been a true companion. We would catch up almost every day after work, and he provided valuable advice on my career progression. Being a technical expert, he graciously shared his knowledge with me. Throughout the program, I had their unwavering support whenever I needed clarification or assistance, which made a tremendous difference.

Immersive Business Exposure and Real-Time Connections

One of the highlights of the program was the opportunity to visit Schneider’s customers, partners, and suppliers in real-time. During these visits, experienced subject matter experts shared insights into the success factors and unique challenges in their respective domains. Interacting with them afterward allowed us to have our questions answered and deepen our understanding of their businesses. This knowledge was invaluable in grasping Schneider’s innovative solutions. 

Grenoble: Where Dreams Meet Reality

My visit to Grenoble far exceeded my expectations. I anticipated power-point presentations and lectures, but what I witnessed and experienced was mind-blowing. Schneider Electric’s global prominence in sustainability and automation became truly apparent during the visit. The innovation hub showcased the meticulous process each Schneider product undergoes to ensure top-notch quality, reliability, and safety. This attention to detail sets Schneider apart. Our visits to Technopol, Electropol and Intercity demonstrated Schneider’s passion for sustainability, automation, and energy optimization through the implementation of their own products and solutions.

During the visit, I had the opportunity to network with Schneider’s stakeholders and other Nordic graduates in the program. I met Cecilia Bringedal, a Norwegian Nordic Graduate Program alumna currently working in Grenoble. She shared her career journey, providing both insightful and inspiring stories. Throughout the program, we learned about the vast career growth opportunities Schneider offers globally. Meeting individuals who have grown within Schneider and listening to their stories was truly aspirational.

Unleashing the Champion Within: Agility, Resilience, and Career Growth

The Nordic Graduate Program is designed to offer a holistic career experience for graduates. It focuses on developing both soft skills and work experience, serving as a launchpad for kick-starting one’s career. Personally, I developed my public speaking and sales skills through the program. The frequent interactions with experienced professionals at SE and external stakeholders pushed me out of my comfort zone to network, build relationships, and develop my interpersonal skills.  

As a professional football player, I’ve learned invaluable lessons about agility and embracing challenges. Sport has shown me the power of resilience and determination. Now, as I embark on my career, I carry the same eagerness and excitement, ready to embrace new adventures and fearlessly tackle any challenges that come my way!

Are you interested in Schneider Electric’s Graduate Program like Victor? Check out our website for more information and for available positions to take your career journey to the next level.

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Victor Ericsson, Junior Launch Manager

Victor graduated from Linnéuniversitetet in Växjö, Sweden, with a degree in Financial Economics and Corporate Financial Management. He embarked on his Schneider journey by participating in the Nordic Graduate Program. Today, as a Junior Launch Manager at Helsingborg, Sweden, Victor recounts his unique learning experience being in the Nordic Graduate Program and how it prepared him for the corporate arena. 

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