Following Your Passion: How a Graduate Landed her Digital Dream Job

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Schneider Electric was my employer of choice as a computer engineering graduate. I was attracted by its mission and engagements toward sustainability and digitization, and I wanted to be part of this movement. I felt like my skills and way of thinking would add value to where the company is headed in terms of digitization. Now, imagine a world where a single decision on your chosen career path can challenge everything you thought you knew about landing your digital dream job. Let me tell you more.

Empowered from the beginning

As soon as I joined the company, even though the role was different than what I studied in university, I was very excited. I was offered the position of a Marketing Graduate Trainee. I learned a lot about marketing and Schneider’s business and the go-to-market strategies, so new skills were added to my original skill set.

As part of my team, I was immediately empowered and given chances to strategize and come up with my own marketing action plan to boost the sales of products. My team was very supportive, and I had received the right guidance and mentoring along the way. I felt included by being added to meetings and calls and even representing my manager in some of them. My mentor gave me continuous encouragement to pursue my career in marketing.

You will always feel empowered to have a meaningful career at Schneider

I ultimately wanted to pursue a role within Schneider related to my major and aligned with my passion for technology and digitization, so I started my search for open vacancies within teams that handled software. At Schneider Electric, there are always opportunities based on your skill set and what you are most passionate about.

Hence, what kept me going was a greater sense of belonging and responsibility toward Schneider Electric. I appreciate the company’s mission and culture, I feel empowered, and I like the people here. Being part of Schneider Electric feels like home to me, and I feel that I owe it for all the experience and benefits I gained. I feel a strong connection with this company; its mission is my mission, and its goals are my goals. All of this resonates with one of Schneider Electric’s core values, “Act Like Owner” which I have been modelling.

Following my passion for digitization

Right now, I am nearing the start of my new position in my digital dream job. I’m feeling positive and excited to use my skills and knowledge to add value to the company. Moving to Digital Energy and getting back to the world of technology and software is my passion. I’m excited to learn about Schneider Electric’s software business to get a more holistic view of the company’s offers. I will always be grateful to this global company for being so flexible in terms of mobility. Whether you want to move roles, to a different business unit, or even another country! I’m proud to be a pioneer in Digitization, building a greater future for the next generations, and being one of the first to leave footprints in this journey with Schneider Electric.

Nouran Sheta shows how she was empowered to realize her digital dream job

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Nouran Sheta, Computer Engineer

Nouran Sheta is a graduate Computer Engineer from the American University of Sharjah with a minor in Computer Science. She is a KHDA certified full-stack web developer, and a research co-author in the field of IoT and deep learning. She joined Schneider Electric as a Marketing Graduate Trainee as part of the Schneider Graduate Program, and now she has moved to her new role within the Digital Energy Business Unit where she pursues her passion for software and digitization.

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