Embracing My Dream Company Through the Schneider Global Student Experience

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Before my Global Student Experience, even before enrolling in my MBA Marketing program, I had a desire to work for an organization that was driven by a larger purpose; one that was part of something greater than itself. I wanted to make a meaningful impact within an inclusive environment and contribute to creating a more sustainable future — so finding a company that resonated with my values was important.

Embracing my dream company

During my studies, I discovered Schneider Electric’s products installed throughout my MBA institute. Curiosity sparked within me, especially about the pronunciation of the company’s name, and I found out that my marketing professor had previously worked for Schneider. It was as if the universe conspired to steer me in this direction!

I immersed myself in extensive research about Schneider Electric. I’ve always had a deep sense of curiosity to learn new things, challenge the status quo, and make a difference through small actions, and this company was so perfectly aligned to it. I found it really interesting how the company contributed to a larger purpose through its sustainable solutions and empowering values.

Day after day, my admiration for the company grew exponentially until it became my dream company. Not only were they doing incredible work, but it was also strategically well-positioned. I intuitively felt that this is the right place for me to work. It felt like everything around me was aligning, guiding me toward this path.

Seizing an opportunity through the Global Student Experience Program

Fate, it seemed, had something extraordinary in store for me, and it came as an email about Schneider’s Global Student Experience program. It was an incredible opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the company, its values, and its purpose. From a pool of applications, mine was shortlisted. I knew this was the breakthrough I had been waiting for — a chance to immerse myself in the world of Schneider Electric, gaining career-boosting skills and valuable business experiences.

After seizing the opportunity, I dived straight into the program. I absorbed knowledge about Schneider Electric’s diverse range of products, its global impact, and its unwavering commitment to sustainability. Within the program, I experienced career building e-learning and simulated projects, all at my own pace, and gained real feedback from Schneider’s own experts to help me grow. I chronicled the lessons I learned, unknowingly preparing for what lay ahead in my career journey. What I distinctively liked about the program is that it wasn’t just theoretical, but they structured it in such a way that the learnings would stay with you. I was also asked to prepare a presentation about the learnings and what we could do differently, and it was insightful for me to look back on everything I had achieved.

A new chapter at Schneider Electric

As the program ended, a new chapter was about to unfold. My resume was shortlisted for a Management Trainee in Employer Branding — an exciting match, perfectly aligning with my fascination for branding and its transformative power! It felt like a surreal dream came true. It was an opportunity to work in my dream company, in the role I had always envisioned.

From looking at the products of Schneider Electric to bagging a role of Management Trainee, the journey has been full of learnings, and I could not be more grateful! Currently, the role I am in offers me so many opportunities to grow every single day. I get the opportunity to lead projects and take complete ownership of what I do — and for me, this is success. And it won’t be just confined to this role, but my overall career landscape.

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Rutuja Kharote is a HR Management Trainee with a curiosity & learning agility paralleled to a machine learning algorithm. She is passionate about designing exceptional customer experiences, and her mission is to be a catalyst in people’s success journey & make a positive impact in the world.

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