Breaking Barriers: How Returnships are Changing the Game

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According to the Family Caregiver Alliance, 39% of caregivers need to leave their job to have more time to care for a loved one. Professionals also take a break from their careers to start a family, focus on well-being, gain a new skill set, attend school, etc.

These resume gaps are often viewed as a barrier to reentering the workforce. However, at Schneider Electric we don’t see this as an obstacle.

“The gap is not something to be ashamed of … it adds to your experience and empathy. It’s something to be celebrated.” – Vera Hicks, Communication Program Manager

About Returnship

In partnership with reacHIRE, Schneider Electric is advancing gender equality through an innovative program designed for experienced professionals who’ve spent two or more years out of the traditional workforce.

During a six-month program, the “returnees” receive nurture-based coaching, hands-on work experience, and a built-in support system to aid their return to work. Then, at the end of the Returnship program, they may be eligible for a full-time role or extended contracting work.

Celebrating a successful cohort #1

We’re thrilled to announce that five professionals from our initial cohort accepted positions at our organization in late 2022. Combined, this cohort has 50+ years of direct industry experience in manufacturing, engineering, strategy, and electrical distribution. They also come into their new roles with outstanding academic backgrounds, including advanced degrees and certifications, and a strong understanding of our business environment.

Welcome, Returnship cohort #2!

Our second returnship cohort, which includes 17 stellar talents (more than doubling the size of cohort #1) is wrapping up its second month here at Schneider Electric, and what an exciting time it’s been!

Here’s a snapshot of how they’re feeling about the experience so far:

Returnship in the headlines

Schneider’s returnship program has made the headlines in recent weeks.

Gearing up for cohort #3

We’re already preparing for the next returnee cohort! If you’re interested in the Schneider Electric returnship program, register for the Return to Work Talent Community.

About the Author

Christie Lee is a Human Resources Business Partner at Schneider Electric. She has 25+ years of experience as a human resource professional and has expertise in program management, coaching, and developing people. She works with national and global teams across sales, marketing, IT, and engineering.

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