4 Tips to Make #LearnEveryDay a Habit for Career Growth

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Why is learning important? 

Career development is not only about finding your next role, it is also about setting goals and taking ownership of your day-to-day development with long-term growth in mind. If you can #LearnEveryDay, you open a door to a wide range of opportunities.

 There is no magical formula but taking small learning steps can turn into a healthy habit of staying curious, and naturally increasing your knowledge, connections, and experiences.  Combining all of this is your career development, which is the best investment you can make in yourself.  Remember, we are never too experienced to stop learning. 

At Schneider, one of our core values is #LearnEveryDay. We believe in life-long learning and encourage our employees to view every day as a new chance to listen, open up our minds and widen our horizons. 

We have built our learning culture on the 3E model.  Through the blending of experience, exposure and education, our employees can manage their own development to achieve their career goals.  At Schneider, we provide different tools to help in our employees in their development, such as our Open Talent Market and our MyLearningLink platforms. We also design learning programs that are critical for our employees to learn, know and grow.  And in recognition of these efforts, we recently received a Human Capital Management Excellence Award from the Brandon Hall Group for two of our global learning programs : our Schneider Essentials program, focused on a range of critical topics for all employees and our 3-year Anti-Corruption curriculum . 

Dina Yorke accepting a Human Capital Management Excellence Award from the Brandon Hall Group

To further celebrate this recognition, we selected 4 learning tips used at Schneider that can help support you in your career development. With Schneider, you can #LearnEveryDay.

1. Own Your Career

Development doesn’t simply happen to us.  It takes self-awareness, planning and constant investment in ourselves as well as asking for support from a manager or a mentor.  It is important that you remain in the driver’s seat and own your development.

To begin, be bold and start your development conversation, don’t wait for opportunities to come to you. Set your personal career goals (short, mid and long term) and then identify new skills and experiences that you need to acquire to help you achieve these goals.  Remember, there are different ways of learning, and many times it is not only a training and formal course that will help you learn a new skill, but it is through experience gained from new projects, activities and even a new role. 

2. Find a mentor to #LearnEveryDay

A mentor can be a trusted career advisor.  They can provide insights from their experience as well as feedback and advice to help you define and reach your goals.  A mentor can be someone who has had a similar career, who is a role model in the area you want to grow or is someone who inspires you.

At some point in our career journey, we will feel uncertain of what would be the best next step. Having a mentor you trust and that knows your career objectives and background will be a great asset as they can  share their own experiences and lessons learned or give a different perspective.

3. Volunteer

Teaching others is a great way to learn and is also a way to have an impact in your communities. To share your skills or experience requires you to prepare. Be it through your own research or attending training to experimenting with others. In the end, you will have gained more knowledge while also #givingback and helping the community to learn and grow. I can’t think of a better way to move up the learning curve and learn more about yourself too!

Raising the Roof with Habitat for Humanity in Dallas, TX

4. Look for a company that supports your growth

A learning culture is an environment that supports an open mindset, encourages a quest for knowledge. It embraces shared learning directed toward the company’s mission and goals. At Schneider, we have built a strong learning environment as we believe that Great people make Schneider a great company.

If this culture sounds like you, click here and register to know more about career opportunities with us.

So, what did you learn today?

About the Author

Since 2022, Dina Yorke has been leading our Learning Excellence team and leveraging her diverse work experience and her passion to learn to continue to enhance and transform our digital learning experience and operations. Prior to this role, Dina was integral in our DEI transformation and in our recognition as being a leader in this space. She is based in the Boston Corridor, where she lives with her husband and two young adult daughters.

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