Graduate Trainee to Tender Manager: Robbie’s journey!

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Robbie Graham shares his journey from Graduate Trainee to Tender Manager since joining the Schneider Graduate Programme UK and Ireland.

Why SE?

The values!… I studied Mechanical Engineering and Low Carbon Transport at Newcastle University. Upon graduating with a master’s degree, I started to apply for Graduate roles, one being the Schneider Graduate Programme. Similarly to many outside of SE, I didn’t know a lot about Schneider, before applying, apart from the light switches. However, after becoming aware of the job opportunity and researching, I found that the company’s values aligned with my own. Particularly the focus on Sustainability. Not only that, but the global reach of Schneider provides unlimited opportunities for employee growth.

I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to join Schneider as a graduate trainee for Digital Energy in the UK, and so my journey began!

What has been your career journey at SE?

In just my very first week, I was sent across the country to attend a variety of training courses to learn about Digital Energy and safety on-site. So I was getting that development right from the start!

Graduate Trainee

As a graduate trainee, I completed two placements and a graduate team project. My first placement was in the Northwest of England in Field Services. I worked on active sites at various locations, experiencing Building Management Systems (BMS), such as hospitals, Universities, and shopping centres. For my second placement, I was a Graduate Engineer and Assistant Project Manager, working on a BMS install at a Her Majesty’s Prison site in the Midlands.

Following these two placement experiences and a year of learning, I was able to start my next journey as a Tendering Engineer, upon completion of the graduate programme. This role remained in the Digital Energy business, but now I was working specifically on BMS within SE Ireland. At the time I joined my new role, it was completely remote due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But with collaboration and communication, this transition was successful! And within two years of joining the team, I was promoted to Tender Manager for Electrical Power Management Systems (EPMS). My day-to-day role is focused on designing cost-effective smart EPMS solutions for our customers. I design energy efficient solutions to assist clients in the digitisation of their business.

Even now two years after beginning my role in Ireland I still work from home in the UK and I travel to Ireland to visit my team and customer sites, including a large global data centre site where I can be seen in my PPE.

What do you enjoy the most in your role?

As a Tender Manager, I love how each project is different from the last. Even though I always sell similar products, each solution is unique to the customer and the design can differ in size, compatibility, and complexity. This uniqueness brings a challenge to the role, meaning I’m continuously learning, interested, and developing my skills.

Do you have any tips for new joiners?

Be open to all opportunities, challenges and always push yourself.

Anyone prepared to work hard, take on responsibilities, and care about the role they are in, will be

provided with opportunities to succeed.


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About Author

Robbie Graham is a Tender Manager for Schneider Electric Ireland, based in Newcastle Upon Tyne. He works for the Digital Power business creating solutions for customers to automate power management within their site. Robbie thrives in a challenging environment and enjoys a good work-life balance, enjoying travel for both work and leisure. He can often be found enjoying a morning run or an evening game of football to relax after work.


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