A career journey of Growth and Pride with Souad in Services

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The #SEGreatPeople are loving their career in Services at Schneider Electric. Discover an inspiring story from a Services colleague who lives and breathes our values through learning and mentorship. Approaching her 20th anniversary at Schneider, Souad Khouildi – Field Services Global Learning Program Leader – proudly shares why she loves services and how she has advanced her career by continually learning new skills.

The beginning of a new adventure in Services

My fantastic services career journey began in 2003 when I joined Schneider Electric in the Gulf region. I already knew our industry and had some channel sales experience from the 1990s. But this was the beginning of a new adventure! At that time, we were just 10 people in the local services business. Today, there are more than 150 people in the team. Back then, I was in charge of selling spare parts and managing some areas of the business. But I also had to multi-task, being a personal assistant and visit planner, providing sales support and an accountant!

Schneider Electric gave me the right training and tools and I learnt new skills. But I also owe a big thank you to my colleagues who took the time to teach me so much. Learning is key to running a successful services business. Services is very people-oriented and uniquely devoted to developing people’s careers. I’ve always felt supported, and I’ve never felt ashamed to ask for advice and feedback. I find it easy to talk with my management: they’re always ready to listen to me and my business concerns. Earning the trust of my company and customers has allowed me to grow, gain confidence and boost my motivation. My passion for services is what drives me. Successfully closing a deal or getting recognition from customers and the business pushes me to go further and strive to do the best I can do.

Endless career possibilities to work and grow in a Services career

In 2018, I took on a Global position as Global Field Services Sales & Marketing leader covering both Middle East & Africa and South America where I learned more about other countries’ set-up. I enjoyed launching strategic programs with the global team, working with senior management and being the voice of each of the countries. Nowadays, I lead the Global Learning Program for Field Services. I adapt training content based on my country experience and understanding of business needs, propose training modules, and communicate and influence the importance of training to colleagues from Sales and Marketing.

I am very grateful that Schneider believes in me and gives me opportunities to grow and develop my skills. Today with Open Talent Market, you can find the right mentor or be part of a project based on your career plan and interests. I have been a mentee, and today I share my knowledge as a mentor. Schneider Electric Services offers endless possibilities to work and grow.

I am proud to work for a company pioneering Energy Management and making a sustainable impact. At Schneider, values are not just words: meaningful, inclusive, and empowered are part of the attitude of each employee every day – it’s our culture.

Get real and love a Services Career today!


About the Authors

Souad Khouildi has been working with Schneider for more than 20 years. She recently started working as FS Global Learning Program Leader. Souad is a determined woman whose career has greatly developed over the years allowing her to know all the ins and outs of Schneider and her love for learning never ceases growing.

She has always been humble and her openness to others gave her this ability to always create a humane and entertaining bond in her team. Mother of two grown daughters, she has always been invested in social justice and helping others and doing so with a smile on her face.

Souad is a black belt in Yoseikan Budo (martial art) and recently discovered a passion for MMA (mixed martial arts). She is also an avid reader and fancies a good film every now and then.


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