How Schneider Electric made magic happen for a graduate – It all started with a “Hello”

You’re probably wondering how I got the chance to join Schneider Electric’s Middle East & Africa Graduate Program as an Employer Branding Graduate… What a mouthful, right? Let me take you back to how my journey started within the most sustainable company in the world…

November 2021, I was at college and stressing and pressuring myself to find an end-of-studies internship so I could graduate. I was scrolling the job boards on LinkedIn and applying for whatever I could find, but little did I know I would come across a gem that would change my life forever. I came across and applied for a Talent Acquisition internship at Schneider Electric Morocco, and I was excited because deep down I knew I really wanted to join a multi-national company.

A few days passed, and I had completely forgotten about my application. One day, the phone rang, and an unknown number appeared on my screen. “Hello, Nada Hriouil? I’m a Talent Acquisition Specialist at Schneider Electric, Morocco. You applied for a Talent Acquisition internship; do you have a moment to discuss about your application?”

It all started with a “Hello”

Due to the unexpected call, anxiety took the best of me for a few seconds, but I quickly gathered my thoughts and the interview went well. As a result, in January 2022, I started my 6 months internship at Schneider. I have always dreamed of working at a global company, but I didn’t realize that I had found THE multinational company that my career NEEDED. As soon as I joined, I was flooded with an unbelievable amount of great mentoring, support, recognition, encouragement, constructive feedback… the list goes on. I was quickly involved in local projects, job fairs, important meetings, Employer Branding projects… How empowering is that, while I was just an intern? “Just an intern” does not exist in Schneider Electric’s vocabulary. What does exist is their commitment to harness the power of ALL generations and to create equal opportunities for everyone.

A few months into my internship, I was nominated to be a program manager for a virtual fair covering the MEA zone, as an intern. I gave it my all with zero expectations; I genuinely just wanted to learn and gain the experience through an exciting project. I was yet again supported by the team I was working with. My supervisor back then, recognized my efforts as a real “act like owners” behavior. The team believed in me, called me a shining star, and watched me grow into the person I am today.

What happened next

My internship came to an end eventually, 6 months started feeling like 2 months as the end date approached. I was not ready to leave this place. Fate played its part in all of this, and I was contacted again for an open position in Employer Branding as part of the Middle East and Africa Graduate Program. Just like magic, isn’t it? A few successful interviews later, I was officially offered the job that I accepted with no hesitation whatsoever. Now, I’m back at the office and it felt like coming back to your hometown from a long holiday, as everything was already so familiar to me. The adventure has just begun, and I am fully ready to take on whatever challenges it takes to grow and excel in my career at SE.

Are you a graduate or intern looking for an opportunity that will empower you and add value to your career? Our stories might be different, but they all start the same way. They all start with a “Hello”.

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About the Author

Nada Hriouil is a 2022 graduate in Morocco. She majored in Human Resources Management at the National School of Business and Management of Casablanca (ENCG-C). Nada completed an internship at Schneider with the following end of studies research problem “Employer Branding: how to attract digital talents at a newly digitized multinational company”. She likes to draw, paint, read, watch movies, bake cakes, learn something new every day, and Schneider has fully embraced her authentic personality and allowed her to join the MEA Graduate Program to kick start her exciting career journey. Just like the company, she aims to contribute for a climate positive world and a more sustainable and healthier planet.


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