International Experiences with Schneider Electric: A Graduate Trainee’s Perspective

In an increasingly globalized world, international relocation as well as remote working has begun to become the norm. Being able to work in a way that is not limited by geography has always been my dream.

A couple of months ago, I joined Schneider Electric as an HR Graduate Trainee. Originally, I applied to the role of Trainee as I have always wanted to work for a sustainability-based company. The open-minded work culture, remote working, and the prospect of international mobility were all key factors in my decision to join Schneider.

I was delighted by the open-minded culture at Schneider Electric from my first screening call with Hala to the final interview with Peter and Natalja, who made me feel heard and empowered that my dream of being able to live abroad could  become a reality! My first interview was with Amira, who, to my pleasant surprise, was conducting the interview from Cairo. I was excited at the possibility of being able to work for a company that would offer an opportunity to work from anywhere in the world!

There were multiple green flags during my interview

During the interview, I let Amira know that I prioritize a work-life balance. She not only agreed, but encouraged it, which was a fluorescent green flag to me, indicating that Schneider Electric would be a great place to work. As Peter was giving the run-down of the layout in Silicon Oasis, he casually brought up that Amira is working a couple of weeks in Egypt and then in the UK; remotely! I loved the fact that working from various locations was so normalized within the company.

During the interview with Peter and Natalja, I enjoyed what felt like an exchange of ideas rather than the usual cookie-cutter interview. They spoke of various opportunities for growth and personal development thanks to the Open Talent Market platform (OTM). Schneider’s global hub model was mentioned several times, and I was excited that I would be able to experience work and life in other countries in the world!

Transitioning to being employed, quite a few of my colleagues asked why I decided to enter the private sector and specifically choosing to join a multinational company here in the UAE.

Here are my reasons:

1) Opportunity for International Mobility

  • It has been a lifelong dream of mine to be able to work and live abroad. Access to OTM, MyLearningLink, and valuable mentorship would equip me with the necessary tools to be able to develop, grow, and achieve my dream.
  • I came across an article titled “International Mobility Helped Me Achieve my Dream” by Mayara Viana, who emphasized the importance of making people aware of your international mobility goals.

2) Remote working

  • I enjoy the aspects of Schneider’s work culture, from remote working and the fact that I am trusted to work autonomously. Having a fully remote position has also been a dream of mine, and the possibility of acquiring it at Schneider played a large role in deciding to work here!

There is still so much more to learn, as I am still at the beginning of my career. I am looking forward to learning more about what it is to be an effective yet well-rounded employee.

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About the Author

Badria Al Hosani is one of the newer additions to the SE Dubai Team, working as a Graduate Trainee in the HR Department since June of this year. She enjoys urban and natural exploration, cooking, learning about wildlife, and travelling.



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