[Podcast] Are you ready to build a greener future?

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What is the significance of buildings in the context of environmental sustainability? How can we leverage modern construction techniques and digital technologies to ensure our buildings strengthen, rather than hinder, the fight against climate change? How can we all contribute to create a greener future?

According to the World Economic Forum, buildings consume about 40% of the world’s energy and produce roughly 30% of greenhouse gas emissions. Clearly, this rate of consumption and wastage cannot be sustained. Therefore, if we are to transition successfully to a carbon neutral future, we must ensure our buildings consume energy as efficiently as possible.

That’s where digital technologies come in. By providing real-time data that makes previously invisible energy waste visible, such tools allow us to effectively monitor and optimize energy usage. This, in turn, enables us to implement measures that minimize waste and maximize savings.

So, what does living more efficiently and sustainably look like? Homes of the future are smart and sustainably powered by green energy.

Furthermore, by leveraging technologies like rooftop solar panels and microgrids, such environments can be optimized to produce their own energy which can, in turn, be sold back to the grid.

This innovation has the capacity to create a whole new generation of “prosumers”, people who both consume and produce energy.

Episode 4: Are you ready to build a greener future?

In this episode, we invited Hélène Macela-Gouin, VP Strategy & Business Development, Daniel Racsek, EcoStruxure Business Development & Sales Director, and Toni Sanchez, Product Application Engineer, to share some insights about the buildings of the future and how we are digitizing operations with our Building Management System (BMS) to maximize energy efficiency and build a greener future.

We also dive into the following key topics:

  • The buildings of the future
  • How Schneider Electric is reducing energy consumption in buildings
  • How do we make energy flexible and efficient?
  • How to build a greener future?
  • Competencies and skills necessary for the careers of the future

“Digital is really at the core of our transformation, and we are accelerating on having people that are thinking digital every day…We are a sum of people that wants to work together to think differently, to disrupt, and to act like owners” – Hélène Macela-Gouin, VP Strategy & Business Development, France


Hélène Macela-Gouin, VP Strategy & Business Development, France Hélène Macela-Gouin, VP Strategy & Business Development at Schneider Electric France

Currently Vice-President of Strategy and member of the Management Committee of Schneider Electric France, Hélène worked for 15 years in the telecommunications industry, at Orange and Alcatel-Lucent. She joined the energy sector in 2013 at ‘Total Energies Renouvelables’ before taking up her current position at Schneider Electric. During her career, Hélène has held various positions in sales, strategy, finance and marketing. Graduated from Télécom Paris and holder of a master’s degree in applied mathematics. Hélène is also very committed to youth and Sustainable Development. 

Daniel Racsek, EcoStruxure Business Development & Sales Director at Schneider Electric HungaryDaniel Racsek, EcoStruxure Business Development & Sales Director, Hungary

After receiving an MSC Degree in Economics & Marketing from Oxford Brookes University, Daniel joined Schneider Electric family in Hungary 10 years ago. He has held various positions during his career. He started from product management through leading the local marketing organization. Currently, he is taking EcoStruxure related Business Development as Sales position. He is responsible for the whole process for the local operations. Daniel has been always deeply passionate about Schneider Electric’s vision of living and organizing our life more efficiently and about the challenges of how to make a sustainable future a reality.  He and his team are investing an enormous amount of energy into breaking the biases about the new technologies on the market. They are building prototypes by themselves to prove the validity of the concept – while co-creating new classes for different both technological and economic universities across Hungary.

Toni Sánchez Poyato, Product Application Engineer at Schneider ElectricToni Sánchez Poyato, Product Application Engineer, Spain

Toni’s adventure in Schneider Electric started 2 years ago with the Schneider Go Green competition in which he won second place in the European finals. He officially joined Schneider Electric in Spain as a Digital Buildings Business Development Trainee. After that, he got hired as a Product Application Engineer for the Digital Buildings Business Unit, which is his current position. He is now working on providing buildings with Building Management Solutions to make facilities more energy efficient in operations. Graduated as an Industrial Engineer from the Polytechnic University of Catalunya and currently studying a master’s degree in Marketing & Sales Management at EAE Business School, Toni loves to travel, hike, run through the mountains, and focus his work on doing something great for the planet and its nature. 

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