Joining the Apprenticeship Programme as a Field Services Engineer started my career!

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Since starting my career at Schneider Electric I have come to believe the company represents how to effectively platform its Early Talent and educate them on the importance of sustainability. Read on as I dive further into reflecting on my early career journey at Schneider Electric UK&I.

My Early Career Apprenticeship Journey

I have been a part of the Schneider Electric UK&I community for just under 6 years now. I Joined just after finishing my A-Levels where I started out as an Apprentice Field Services Engineer for the Power Systems Division. This was a 4-year Apprenticeship rotating around the different factories learning about the different products. I have now completed the Apprenticeship Programme and moved into my current role as a Project Engineer. However, I’d like to take this opportunity to reflect on my journey during these 4 years.

I Joined as an Apprentice Field Services Engineer and now after 5 years have moved into a new role and different part of the Business.

There are many features that attracted me to the Apprenticeship Programme offered by Schneider Electric. Firstly, the structure consisted of various rotations across a variety of departments in the business, providing me with insight into learning about the various products we offer and getting a significant understanding about them.

This also gave me the opportunity to meet and network with lots of new people from many areas of the business, enabling me to gain a greater understanding and experience of how the organisation functions. After finishing the Apprenticeship, I was then given the role for Field Services Technician whilst also given the opportunity to further my HNC and complete my HND which I did in 2021.

As a Field Services Technician I was installing, commissioning, maintaining and fault finding the LV equipment like the Okken and Prisma Panels and the HV Equipment like Ringmaster and Genie Evo. Early 2022 I found the opportunity to move in the Digital Energy side of the Business which will push me and will be an exciting part of my career journey as a Project Engineer.

Duke of Edinburgh Programme

Aside from completing the Apprenticeship Programme, Schneider Electric has also given me additional opportunities along the way. For example, whilst undergoing my Apprenticeship I was given the opportunity to participate in the Gold Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) programme.

The DofE programme requires participants to set objectives in five key areas:

  • Volunteering (undertaking service to individuals or community).
  • Physical (improving in physical activity).
  • Skills (developing practical and social skills).
  • Expedition (3 nights/4 Day’s expedition).
  • Residential (working away from home for 5 days).

Although working towards the gold award took a slow start due to current circumstances in the world – we are now back in full stride and on the final steps before receiving our award later this year! Recently, we have completed our Final Expedition on the peak district where we packed all our essentials like food, water, clothes, tents, and stoves in a bag and had to carry this with us on our full journey. We then planned our routes walking upwards of 18km a day for 3 nights and 4 days.

The objectives we have set to contribute to the volunteering aspect of the award revolve around decarbonization and drive to NetZero. As such, we will be working at our local UK&I Schneider Electric sites to identify opportunities to create gardens and areas for wildlife. Additionally, we will expand this offer out to the local community, within schools as well as elderly and sheltered accommodation.

Furthermore, the DofE programme has given me the chance to meet my peers within the business who are also early on in their careers. It has also enabled me to develop transferable skills, which I can utilize in my Personal life as well as day to day work life, such as, taking initiative and responsibility, problem-solving, leadership, and teamwork skills.

Overall, Schneider Electric has already significantly contributed to my personal and professional development and continues to do so day-to-day. Throughout my career journey on the Apprenticeship Programme to progressing into my various roles, whilst also completing my HND. I am increasingly grateful for the investment the company has given me.


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About the Author

Tyler Hyatt

Tyler joined Schneider Electric almost 6 years ago.

After a four-year apprenticeship, he has recently moved into a new role  as a Project Engineer within Digital Energy.

Tyler enjoys football and all motor sports and is a big Chelsea fan.



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