[Podcast] Supply Chain Digital Transformation

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Curious to find out more about working at a company with advanced “Lighthouse” factories that have been recently recognized by the World Economic Forum? Or perhaps you already know about the role of supply chains in shaping business performance?

In today’s digital economy, more and more people are pursuing a career in supply chains, and thus play a vital role in securing the end-to-end digital transformations required to help meet the needs of customers.

Episode 2: Supply Chain Digital Transformation

In the second episode of the “Own your career, Own your future” podcast, we discuss the importance of the Global Supply Chain (GSC) function in Schneider Electric. Notably, we focus upon the digitization of our GSC manufacturing sites with our Smart & Sustainable Supply Chain Consulting Vice President, Anthony Loy.

We also dive into the following key topics:

  • Our advanced Lighthouse factories and their recognition by the World Economic Forum
  • The Supply Chain Transformation Program at Schneider Electric
  • How Schneider Electric supports early career talents who are passionate about digitization
  • Tips and advice to pursue a career in supply chains or sustainability

As the podcast hosts, we learned a great deal about the organization’s supply chain sites and heard first-hand tips from Anthony on how to develop a career in the supply chain function.


Anthony Loy, Smart & Sustainable Supply Chain Consulting VP, France

Own your career, Own your future podcast guest speakers

Anthony is a digital enthusiast, always looking for the next opportunity to drive changes for sustainable results. He leads Schneider Electric’s Smart Factories and Supply Chain Digital Transformation for the group’s 200+ factories around the world. He also works with the World Economic Forum and contributes to the development of the Advanced Manufacturing Platform.

His background in various industries as a project manager, consultant and change agent makes him always curious and open-minded to embrace challenges to transform. Also, he lived in different countries, France, Singapore, Luxembourg, and Portugal, and believes in strength from diversity. He is always passionate about engaging and developing the next generation leaders.

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