Services is a People business!

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Services Is A People Business

Field Services Teams are the delivery arm of our business who support our customer install base and perform key activities including installation, maintenance and repair as well modernisation projects. Roles within Services include Service Managers, Project Managers, Project Engineers and Field Service Engineers.  The key service teams are Secure Power, Power Systems, Digital Buildings (BMS) and Digital Power and many of our customers will have a combination of our projects.  More and more we are connecting our great projects to provide digital and automation services for our customers.

Our Journey

Rhonda Doyle, Director of Operations, Services and Projects, Ireland

I joined Schneider Electric Ireland in January 2021, as Director of Operations, Services and Projects for Schneider Electric Ireland. I am responsible for managing operations in Ireland, with a specific focus on maintaining service for customers in the region and developing a growth strategy that targets critical industries including data centre and networks, manufacturing, and renewable energy segments.  My career has centred around services and has offered some of the best experiences and learning opportunities.

Services is a key focus of my role, ensuring that we are delivering best in class service for our customers and supporting them with their needs such as installation, maintenance and repair work on their install base as well as modernisation and sustainability and efficiency opportunities.  Our team also get to work with many other functions across the business including Marketing, Sales, Tendering, Legal, Projects and more.  Some of my favourite moments are when we come together to solve a problem for a customer or improve how something can be done.

What I enjoy most about services is that it is a people business, from our team to our customers you experience great people, great teamwork where we get to support customers of all sizes, including some of the biggest brands around us.

“Services offers a great variety of roles and development opportunities including first hand experience of our customers and products that stays with you for your career.”


Ian Gingell, Project Manager UK
Field Services – Secure Power

I have been with Schneider Electric for 12 years now, working within Field Services throughout. I joined as a Service Planner, dealing with many customers and scheduling our Field Service Representatives for planned maintenance and repairs on our UPS and Cooling ranges. I soon took on Key Account Planning, dealing with our larger VIP customer. This allowed me the opportunity to meet some of our customers face-to-face and see the Schneider brand out in the real World.

With the impending arrival of bFS, I had the chance for a sabbatical to help implement the new software. This gave me the opportunity to travel to Barcelona and Paris where I assisted with testing, enhancements, data transfer as well as delivering training and support for the Planning team as well as being an on-going Champion for bFS.

Once I returned to my Planning role, I started working specifically on projects and working with our external Project Managers, which gave me a good insight into the role of a Project Manager and led me to the full external Project Manager role I am in today, overseeing projects ranging including modernisation, revitalisation and end of life parts replacement works.

“Schneider has given me the opportunity to enhance me career in Field Services, learn on the job, meet and network with many people as well as travel.”


Meda Sigeikina , Junior Project Engineer, Ireland

I had the opportunity to join Schneider through their internship programme, where I gained  my first real industry experience.

I began my journey within the sales team where I got to learn about products and systems. I then continued to the Digital Power Team where I joined the technical team on their works on a customer site. This was when I realised that this was the type of role that I was interested in.

Through continued contact and a work placement I was able to re-join Schneider Electric full-time as a Project Technical Engineer in the Digital Power team. I chose this career path because of the great technical and personal development possibilities, as well as being able to work with an amazing team. I have been working on site in various large scale customer projects where I’ve been learning how to fully implement Electrical Power Monitoring Systems. This has involved lots of training both on and off the job.

“Schneider has always ensured that I continue to develop my skills and advance in my role and that they are able to provide all the resources that I require for this.”


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