[Podcast] Own Your Career, Own Your Future

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When you’re fresh out of university, or just starting your career, it can be difficult to figure out what you want to do with your future and what opportunities lie in wait.  There are so many different industries to explore and they don’t always feel accessible.

This commonplace experience of early career uncertainty provides the inspiration for Schneider Electric’s new podcast series: “Own your career, Own your future”, as we explore different career paths through the lens of expert advice from industry leaders across the company.

Guest speakers from a variety of functions and locations will be invited to answer all your most pressing questions about developing a career and breaking into a specific industry. In keeping with the series’ title, we also hope that each episode can support you in taking ownership of your future!

As the podcast hosts, and early career talents ourselves, we can guarantee that the first episode is not one to miss as we learn everything there is to know about developing a career in digital.

Episode 1: Kickstart a Career in Artificial Intelligence

Join us for the first ever episode of “Own your career, Own your future” as we discuss careers in digital with two senior leaders in Artificial Intelligence (AI) at Schneider Electric: Saket Agrawal, Vice President, Artificial Intelligence Solutions, India; and Madhu Hosadurga, Vice President–AI Offer, India.

After a brief introduction from your hosts – Moin Khalid, Tanya Balwani and Kaeti Singleton – we’ll dive into some of the key topics including:

  • Trends in the tech industry
  • India as a global hub for talent, innovation and manufacturing
  • How Schneider Electric leverages AI and machine learning
  • Tips on developing tech-related skills

Meet our guests

Saket - 'Own your career, Own your future' Podcast Guest Speaker

Saket Agrawal, Vice President, Artificial Intelligence Solutions, India

Saket is an executive level engineering product development professional with a significant technical, architectural, cross-functional, organizational design and team building focus.  A hands-on, pragmatic technology leader, he has been instrumental in setting the technology vision for next generation products. His major responsibilities and achievements include building high performing engineering teams, dabbling with AI Solutions, agile transformations, end-to-end product development, and research and innovation.

Madhu- 'Own your career, Own your future' Podcast Guest Speaker

Madhu Hosadurga, Vice President – AI Offer, India

Madhu has more than 14 years of Business Intelligence, Analytics and Information Management experience. He has also been involved in more than 15 large analytics, techno-functional engagements (including Big Data) with Fortune 500 companies across globe. Madhu has extensive work experience across North America, Europe and APAC covering industries like IT service, IT captive centers, IT start-up, retail, manufacturing, transportation, healthcare, energy and utilities, and government sector.

Listen to the podcast

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