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Schneider Electric Services is a dynamic and sustainable platform that makes it directly possible to act for the planet, acquire skills for the 21st century and belong to an inclusive community with a high level of diversity, autonomy, and flexibility.

We reached out to our employees in Schneider Electric Services to understand why they love being a part of the team. Let’s find out!

Sanjana Sawant, Manager – Tendering

Ever since I started my voyage at Schneider Electric, the support I have received from the leadership and my colleagues has been splendid. The culture in the team is open and transparent and this allows me to be my authentic self. The freedom and empowerment I receive allow me to experiment and innovate, thus, aiding me in resolving challenges faced by our customers.
My journey has been gratifying and challenging at the same time. Gratifying because Schneider is a people-centric organization and has holistic wellbeing programs. Challenging because it made me come out of my comfort zone and deliver the best results.
Schneider has always empowered and encouraged me to take up different roles.
Working in Services has allowed me to grasp the intricacies of key market segments like mining, metals, oil & gas, process automation, and more. With the sheer focus Schneider Electric has on Sustainability, I am able to make a real impact for a decarbonized and sustainable world. The pandemic was a true test for the digital abilities of services, and through our flagship EcoStruxure Solutions, we provided seamless support.

Sukanta Mohanty, Senior Manager – Design

As a field force engineer for Schneider Services, my work involves troubleshooting, garnering customer requirements, upselling + cross-selling various offerings of Schneider Electric & more.
Since the span of work is vast, I have been able to pick up a wide range of technical skills including – Medium Voltage Switchgear design, troubleshooting, cloud connectivity, cybersecurity, and more. I act as a trusted advisor and ensure that the projects we deliver to our customers are top class.
My role includes helping customers in their digitization, electrification and decarbonization journey.
As we extensively interact with customers and collaborate with internal teams, I have seen a positive change in my soft skills and stakeholder management abilities. Schneider Electric encourages us to #LearnEveryday through meticulously curated learning programs. The organization invests in its people and provides every one the flexibility to make the most of their unique life and work.
As part of the EcoStruxure Asset Advisor (EAA) training, I was better equipped to understand customer demands and deliver a tailored solution from the basket of our offerings. Another great aspect of the organization is its inclusive culture. A career in Services offers equal opportunities and fantastic career exposure to everyone through real-world exposure to an impressive spectrum of segments, technologies, jobs, and territories we service across the globe.

Avijit Poddar, GM – Customer Projects and Services

At Schneider Services, I’m at the right place, at the right time. The organization is constantly growing, and my career trajectory has been no different.

During my tenure, I have explored 4 different roles varying from being an individual contributor to a people manager.

Schneider Services allows me to connect with my passion. It’s extremely satisfying to be able to execute complex projects, address queries & iron out any glitches. This gives me immense happiness and the energy to prepare for the next day. Schneider Services is committed to putting our Customers First. We understand them and their pain areas and deliver tailored solutions. Delighting customers is our primary goal, we truly believe that we exist because of our customers.

In Schneider Services, my progress was backed by some of the key training that I partook in, for example, the expertise training in Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS) at AGS, Germany.
Being an expert in GIS, I along with my team, have commissioned more than 100 panels across various clients in India. I am proud that these critical installations have contributed to sustainability and assisted our customers in reducing their carbon footprint and energy consumption by 15 to 30%.

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