How Schneider Electric became my dream company

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“Think Big. Think Green. Think Schneider Electric.”

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The tagline above was my first encounter and introduction to Schneider Electric when the Schneider Go Green invitation landed in my mailbox. Never would I have imagined then that I will be working at this very company 4+ years after. The highly competitive global case competition opened my eyes to the world of sustainability and drove home the importance of energy management. It allowed me to think more broadly about the climate problem and how the world could use energy more efficiently.

After the case competition, I had my eyes & heart set on the Schneider Graduate Program, and I’ve loved working here since. Here’s how Schneider Electric became my dream company 😊

Think BIG. Think Green.

What drew me to participate in Schneider Go Green was the unique option for participants to choose from several thought-provoking, impact-driven categories. The next thing that caught my eye was that every team had to be gender diverse. As a female engineering undergraduate, I felt empowered by Schneider Electric’s focus on Diversity & Inclusion, and its emphasis on its People Vision of creating equal opportunities.

With 3 weeks left to complete the mandatory online journey quizzes & to submit our proposals, my teammate and I dove into brainstorming as soon as we could. Each team was required to innovate and think of creative solutions to solve the various pressing climate issues. My team’s solution revolved around creating a UV-reflective paint, which aims to reduce the overall heat absorbed by buildings. As undergraduates in Materials Science & Engineering, it was an excellent chance for my teammate and me to apply the knowledge we picked up in school and bring it to life.

After much anticipation, we got the news we were waiting for – we were shortlisted in the top 6 teams to compete in the Singapore finals! 😊 I still remember being a ball of nerves the days leading up to our presentation. Eager to make an impact, my team went through our pitch countless times prior to make sure we could be at our best.

The opening began promptly as scheduled. The participants and judges were eager to learn & hear about the ideas, it felt like a great learning environment. The overall mood was collaborative, and there was a free-flowing exchange of ideas and concepts. I was fascinated by the creativity and breadth of ideas pitched by the other teams, and how much each of us could think green and contribute to sustainability.

At long last, it was my team’s turn to present. Thankfully our hours of practice paid off, and the presentation portion went smoothly. We also had to tackle the round of Q&A where we were posed with questions from the judges. The Q&A challenged us to think more holistically and to go beyond the technical applications, but also think about how the solution could be commercially viable. This left a lasting impact on me even after the case competition, as it showed me what it really meant to think bigger.

Having gone into the competition without any expectations, we were surprised & delighted to emerge as a winning team. Beyond that, the case competition kept me thinking about how I could contribute to the dream of greener cities. Inspired by this, I decided to take up more modules related to the world of energy in my last semesters.

Think Schneider.

Outside of the global case competition, what drew me to Schneider Electric was the fact that the company not only talks about sustainability but also deliver on their sustainability targets. Schneider Electric has been named the Most Sustainable Company in the world by Corporate Knights (2021) and has an ambitious sustainability target of being carbon-neutral by 2025. For me, it is extremely important to be working for a company whose values I can resonate with, and Schneider Electric’s mission certainly does.

Fast forward 6 months later, Schneider Electric started receiving applications for the  Schneider Graduate Program (formerly known as Energy Generation Program), & I applied without hesitation.

Through the graduate program, I’ve been fortunate to have gone through several rotations across different teams, Business Units, and Functions (including one overseas stint in Bangkok! 😊). This has further broadened my horizons & I am extremely excited for what’s to come.

Schneider Go Green was more than just a regular case competition to me, it broadened my perspective of the sustainability agenda & found me my dream company.

Join the competition now and create another story of your own!

About the Author

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Fung Ling is the Business Development Manager for Smart Places, allowing her to drive digital software & solution adoption for end-user customers, helping them to optimize & better manage their energy & assets. From Schneider Go Green, Fung Ling joined the graduate program in Singapore – with roles including Offer Marketing, Process Governance & Tool Deployments, and as a Pre-Sales Engineer. Outside of the office, Fung Ling enjoys traveling & exploring diverse cultures – she’s traveled solo to several countries since she was 19.

Favorite Quote: “Live as if you were to die tomorrow, learn as if you were to live forever”

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