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Schneider Go Green is a worldwide competition that encourages students to develop innovative ideas that could change the world. We are Helena and Dorothy, winners of Go Green 2021 and the creators of Light Pills.

Our Idea – The Light Pill

It all started a year ago, when we received an email from our university promoting this student competition called Go Green. We instantly decided we wanted to participate and started thinking about a project that would make a real impact. We had not come up with an idea until a random Sunday, that we spoke about how isolated communities light up their buildings. Apparently, they use an invention called Solar Bottle, that diffracts the light when the sun rays hit the water inside the bottle. We started working around this idea, and we finally got our first prototype done: a bottle cap that uses solar energy to provide light. Not only the access to a clean source of light is a problem, these communities usually lack access to a source of drinking water. That’s how we improved our first draft to create the final design of a Light Pill. This second version included a UV water purification system.

Support Throughout the Process

Some weeks after submitting the project proposal, Dani from Schneider Electric contacted us, saying we had been selected for the Iberian Finals. Due to the pandemic the presentation was online, but that did not stop us from catching the attention of the jury members. Two days later, we knew we would be representing the Iberian Zone at the European Finals.

With the help of the best mentors assigned to us, Gabi, Carol and Toni, we were able to polish the technical aspects of Light Pills and prepare a strong business model.  The European Finals were amusing. Even though they were also online, we had the premium opportunity of listening and learning from the other European Finalists, which also had really interesting ideas. Two days later an announcement was made and we discovered we would be representing Europe at the Global Finals. Shortly after we were introduced to Nicolas and Alice, the amazing mentors that accompanied us until the end of the competition, and the road to the Global Finals began.

Nicolas and Alice both helped us improve and optimize the project, and develop the final design including a real prototype that we built for the occasion. For the global finals, we were able to connect with the most incredible young entrepreneurs from all over the world and share with them our invention. We could not believe it when we learned live that we were the Global Winners of Go Green 2021!

Why you should join Schneider Go Green

Looking back, what we enjoyed most of the whole competition was seeing our first idea become a full real project. We are grateful for all the support and trust we have received from Schneider Electric to develop our project, and for the opportunity of getting to know some of the best young entrepreneurs from around the globe.

If you are interested in participating, here are our tips and tricks:

  • be confident and trust your idea. With some effort and guidance, every idea has the potential to win the contest or even change the world. You will never know if you don’t try!
  • Along the journey you will encounter many obstacles, but keep your mind open and trust your mentors.

So, if you are considering participating in this year’s Go Green Challenge, don’t think anymore and apply! It is going to be a fantastic experience that you will never forget! Apply here!

About the Authors


Helena Arias Casals is a Physics, Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Electronics Engineering student. She is currently working on acoustic metamaterials and PT-Physics at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. Dorothy and her were part of Light Pills, winners of Go Green Global Finals.


Dorothy Ann van der Ent Facerias is an Aerospace Systems Engineering student at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. Together with Helena, she is the creator of Light Pills and winner of the 2021 Go Green edition.

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