[Podcast] In diversity there is beauty and there is strength

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Episode 5: The Skin You’re In

This episode was a bit emotional for us all and we wanted to do it justice so spent a bit more time thrashing around ideas but also doing a lot of research. As a pre-warning, the topics are hard-hitting from cancer to racism, but we felt like they needed to be covered and both are topics that we are very passionate about.

We will kick off as always with some mental health tips, our experiences, and thoughts on the C-word and we chat to our very own Emma about her personal experiences on racism, how people can be allies, and delve into microaggressions, and how painful they can actually be.

“In diversity there is beauty and there is strength” -Maya Angelou


Carmel Bawa, News Editor, Global MarketingCarmel Bawa, Host of Schneider Electric Podcast The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful

Carmel’s love affair with communications started 15 years ago with her first job. Since then, her passion has extended to internal and external communications, and with it some might say, an almost unhealthy obsession with project planning. She is in her fourth year at Schneider and when she’s not at her desk, Carmel loves to make jewelry, hang out with her husband and son and dream about their next holiday.

Emma Gallagher, Host of Schneider Electric Podcast The Good, the Bad and the BeautifulEmma Gallagher, Employer Branding and Graduate Recruitment Lead for UK & Ireland

Emma has been part of the Schneider family for four years and holds 10+ years of experience finding future talent their dream roles and loves watching them grow. She is proud to be an Employer Brand Champion and 100% ally to all. Emma is a huge animal lover especially when it comes to dogs. She has a passion for trying new things and is currently learning to ride a dirt bike! She loves travelling and experiencing different cultures.

Robert Insull, Host of The Good, the Bad and the BeautifulRob Insull, Segment Marketing Manager, Residential

Rob joined Schneider Electric almost ten years ago. After a seven-year Internal Communications career, he recently moved into a new role (still with Schneider) as Segment Marketing Manager for Residential. Rob is a ‘decent’ badminton player, a keen guitarist, and a big Wolves fan.


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Come along and join us. We know that this might bring up a lot of emotions for people so if you want to have a chat or even give us your opinions on the topics discussed… email us at thegbbpodcast@se.com

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