Here is how AI can help you land your next role inside Schneider

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In today’s world, we are constantly hearing about jobs being replaced by AI bots and Machines. At Schneider Electric, however, intelligently use AI to create opportunities for advancing your career; upscaling it to the next level. But first…, a bit about my story.

My Career Story in a nutshell

It was the year 2006. Armed with a degree in Electrical Engineering, I joined the erstwhile L&T Electrical & Automation division (now a part of Schneider Electric). Now, as a Deputy General Manager (Project Services & Supply Chain), I can’t help but cherish my professional journey of over 15 years and acknowledge the contributions of leaders, managers, and the people that have been a part of this story. 

I joined L&T E&A as a Graduate Engineer Trainee in their Purchase & Planning Dept at their factory in Faridabad. It was here that I was given the responsibility of procurement of electrical components used in the panel assembly. By the year 2008, I moved to Mumbai where I managed the procurement of project items like transformers, cables, battery charges & more; that were used in large project-based orders. I was thrilled that I was getting bestowed with additional responsibility and my scope of work was growing.

In 2010, I signed up for a 1-year certificate course in Supply Chain Management from NITIE, Mumbai. In the years that followed, the responsibilities kept getting bigger and bigger. I was handling projects with a greater turnover that were contracted out by major clients.

Looking back on the Merger

Its been about 6 months since L&T merged with Schneider Electric; a true merger of equals. Apart from my orientation to the team structure and the tools at my disposal, it was exciting to dive into a culture that is agile, flexible, and embraces new ways of working. 


Schneider boosts its’ employees’ performance through being inclusive, focusing on well-being, and empowering its people to be resilient in the face of change. 

Schneider’s focus on Core Values: Customer First, Dare to Disrupt, Act Like Owners, Learn Every Day & Embrace Different – inspires me to keep pushing forward, in spite of the challenges that I may encounter. These pillars lay the foundation for the strong growth of both, our people and the organization 

At the heart of it all, Schneider’s focus on sustainable digital transformations inspires a zeal to jump on board, and contribute to this meaningful cause!

An AI Powered game changer after the merger

My long-term career goal has always been to build my expertise in the Project Procurement domain. Since I had experience in Project Execution for over 2 years, I was excited when I came across Schneider’s Open Talent Market Tool – which allows you to look up and apply to career opportunities across the globe! The tool was super easy to use & navigate through, and since it’s powered by AI, you receive opportunities for mentoring & development that are tailored to your profile. The best part is there is no emphasis on serving a minimum of 3 years before role change.

In addition, the leaders were truly supportive of my move and felt I was making the right move to upscale my career. At Schneider, our leaders build an atmosphere of psychological safety by coaching, developing, and recognizing their people. 

Looking ahead..

My new role has been truly enriching, to say the least. Schneider believes – “to stop learning, is to stop growing”. There is an attitude of being genuinely curious, of being open to new chances to broaden our horizons and open up our minds to the world out there. Nobody is too experienced to learn. I routinely leverage the My Learning Link (MLL) that is available internally to partake in training sessions that shed a lot of insights around the team with a lot of insight into the procurement domain – Supplier Vigilance Training, Third Party Logistics Negotiation Tactics, Global Media Relationship Management and more!


Schneider is truly a “boundary-less” organization – one that empowers its people to stay connected across geographies and locations through its New & Agile Ways of working. 

As part of the league of #SEGreatPeople at Schneider Electric, I’m excited to be onboard this Sustainable & Digital transformation journey!

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Written by: Parveen Sathija, Deputy General Manager at Schneider Electric

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