3 reasons to join Schneider Go Green!

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This year, I have had the pleasure to be a part of the Global Judging panel in our annual student competition – Schneider Go Green in which we’ve assessed the participants’ projects, mentored and guided the seven finalist teams who shared their bold ideas, and pushed the boundaries of digital transformation in Energy Management around the world to re-shape innovation and a more sustainable future for our world, industry and our company.

Today, I’m sharing with all of you my experience as a judge and giving all the students across the globe three main reasons to join Schneider Go Green 2022.

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I was amazingly inspired to witness how past participants were daring to disrupt, pitching their ideas, and competed against one another virtually during the digital finals in September 2020 in a private session. I must say that the pitch session was full of energetic, innovative, and bold ideas on energy management and automation to solve energy issues the world faces today and create a more sustainable future around the globe. Congratulations to all the teams! Your sincere efforts and hard work are indeed highly appreciated, and big congratulations to the Colombia Team for the title of a global winner!

At Schneider Electric we believe that energy is a basic human right and we are dedicated to furthering mankind through new technologies. We see an urgent need for bold ideas that can re-shape a smarter and more sustainable future for both: our industry and our company; this is why we are opening the door for game changers around the world who are daring to disrupt and to put skills to the test and push the boundaries of digital transformation in Energy Management.

Top 3 Reasons to Join Schneider Go Green 

I’m writing to the next year’s challengers 3 key reasons to join Schneider Go Green!

The first reason is that the winning team is awarded a prize of 10,000 Euros!

The second reason is the opportunity to showcase your proposal in front of the jury panel comprised of Schneider Electric’s top management in the Global Finals.

Finally, the third reason is full mentorship and new opportunities. The winning team will receive mentorship from Schneider Electric and AVEVA experts and will also be considered for HR interviews for benefits, job opportunities, and events.

So #WhatsYourBoldIdea?

Having such experience was inspiring to me as a global judge, I hope you don’t miss the opportunity to participate with your ideas and projects, and most of all, enjoy the experience.

What are you waiting for? We want to hear your bold idea, so grab a partner and get registered for #SchneiderGoGreen 2022!! 

Choose between 5 categories for your project and get support along the way from our Go Green teams worldwide. To get more information and register for the competition, check out our website: https://gogreen.se.com/en 

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