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Did you know that only 6% of S&P 500 CEOs are women?

While it is important to emphasize that women are equally capable of leading effectively (or even sometimes slightly better than men), given the right competencies and experience gained, organizations are still struggling to get more women into senior leadership positions. Besides the ongoing battles against unconscious bias in the workplace, one of the contributing factors coming from the “inside” is the fact that women are reluctant to claim their achievements.

“A lot of women seem uncomfortable using the ‘I’ word, so they always try to spread the credit around. This might make them good people but it doesn’t help their careers” as Sally Helgesen puts it in her best seller book How Women Rise.

In this second episode of our podcast series, let’s explore with Lili Mow – Commercial and Transformation Vice President at Schneider Electric – why this tends to be more commonly seen in women, and gain some practical insights on how to overcome it.

About the speaker

Lili MowLili is a proud mother of three. She is engineering trained, started her career as a PLC programmer at Schneider Electric in 1993. After a wide variety of assignments in project management, TQM (Total Quality Management), commercial methodology, sales, general management, she is now Vice President, Commercial & Transformation for Power Products, at Schneider Electric East Asia Japan and Pacific.

Lili became one of the first female Country Managers at Schneider Electric East Asia & Japan in 2005, leading the business in Malaysia. In 2017, she then became the Country Manager for Schneider Electric Taiwan, and brought the country to the Zone’s hall of fame in 2019 as the country with the best diversity.

About the podcast series

Women Rise We All Thrive is a Schneider Electric’s podcast featuring real stories of our colleagues across the globe, both female and male, on how they commit to being part of the solution to gender equality, and driving changes from the inside out, starting first with their mindset and beliefs. By showcasing how women rise at Schneider Electric, we hope that we can inspire more women in energy to step up and engage more men as allies. If you haven’t done already, listen now to our first episode!

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