My Graduate Program in Customer Satisfaction and Quality

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I believe that while most of us desire to take on exciting challenges and exchange globally to explore more in their early career, not many are given the privilege to do so. The Schneider Graduate Program in Singapore granted me this exclusive experience that I sought out.

Fruitful journey in the global team

I gained a lot of global exposure during my graduate program in the Global Customer Satisfaction and Quality team, as I got the chance to work from Singapore to France. I was granted the opportunity to take a leading role in several digital projects and was also in charge of developing an application to help improve digital connectivity for quality purposes. Being in a global team, I was also able to gain first-hand experience from visiting different plants in Asia and Europe. It brought great joy and pride seeing my projects launched globally and being actively used by many. I was also involved in various projects and workshops related to E-Surveillance, E-Derogation and Analytics, and optimization stream.

Apart from gaining hands-on experience, one of the precious takeaways is the network I have worked with, especially in a global team. It is my pleasure to work with colleagues from around the globe including managers and vice presidents. I am glad that everyone was happy to share opinions and feedback from their perspectives and provided a lot of support and coaching for me throughout the progress. Indeed, it was really a rewarding learning process to me, and I wouldn’t have it if I started my career in a local team or a regular permanent role.

An extension of the graduate program

After the graduate program, I am working as a Quality for Manufacturing leader, which mainly supports the connectivity, the life cycle, and maintenance of quality tools. Making sure the tools that were developed in the past are effective and safe, able to serve in Schneider properly, and attain their required needs. I treat it as more of an extension to my previous role because it allows me to work in a related but different aspect. I believe Schneider Electric is a company that emphasizes on their quality control in each area and is working to digitalize across all its business and operations. We always try to increase our efficiency, fulfill our customer needs, and strive for the best to surpass our competitors. Schneider is moving towards what they value and what they promise to deliver – To be the digital partner for sustainability and efficiency.

Schneider Electric – a people-oriented company

To conclude, the Schneider graduate program offered me a chance to explore any possibilities in my career path and give me time to consider my future direction and interest through experiencing different sides in the Customer Satisfaction & Quality team. To me, Schneider is very people-oriented and strong at employee development and personal growth. It doesn’t hesitate to give authority and responsibility to us. Instead, the company encourages talents to take on different challenges, projects, and roles to explore our potential. Employees and leaders at Schneider are supportive- learnings and trainings are always available to train ourselves into the next level. I am thankful and pleased that I joined the graduate program at Schneider, and all the fruitful journeys have broadened my horizon. It is fortunate to work at a global company that puts so much effort into cultivating talents while also striving their best to provide values and benefits to the world.

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About the author

Justinian is the Quality for Manufacturing Leader in the Manufacturing Enterprise IT team. He graduated summa cum laude from Singapore University of Technology and Design, holding a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering Systems and Design. Justinian started working in Schneider as an Energy Generation Program Associate in 2019 and moved to the Schneider Digital team in 2021 upon completion of his assignment in France.


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