Pets. Our companions and our co-workers!

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Did you know that pets can provide some powerful benefits to both your physical and mental health?

Lady and Leo, worlds best pets!

As an individual who has suffered from anxiety for over a decade and at times have found it debilitating, pets have always been a source of joy.

Throughout my life, I’ve always been surrounded by animals. The usual family household pets, such as dogs and cats, but plenty more, including a house pig named ‘Elvis Pigsley’! However, I didn’t realize the true impact pets have until I moved out of the family home, into my own house and was in lockdown and isolated throughout the pandemic.

My two dogs Lady and Leo have honestly kept me sane and given me pure joy on a daily basis! From the excitement they show when I greet them, even if I’ve only been gone for 20 minutes, to the unconditional love they give me every day! They have also taught me responsibility, as they fully rely on your for their care and survival. No more weekend lay-ins for me!

If I’ve had a bad day, they will always lift my mood and ease any stress or anxiety. As well as ensuring I get out and about to walk them, even if I don’t feel like it that day.

They will always lift my mood and ease any stress or anxiety

As we recognise Mental Health Awareness Day – 10th October, we’d like to celebrate the impact our pets have had on our mental wellbeing, especially throughout the past. They are not only our companions but in some cases have been our co-workers! #OurMentalHealthMatters

What has your pet done for you?

 Rob Cox, Maintenance Engineer

“We rehomed our cat Tigger about 5 years ago, she settled well and soon found her place in the household (at the top of the proverbial tree). She provides the relaxation which can be lacking in the busy life we all lead. The love she shows and the fusses she enjoys causes me to stop, relax and unwind. Quite often I find my mind racing with all that has occurred during the day, or I am fast-forwarding to the next day on issues that will need to be faced and overcome. When a small bundle of warm fur demands attention on your lap, you have to take notice and everything else stops. It is then that I truly relax.”


Caroline Ross, Regional Proposal Lead (EMEA) Sales

“I grew up with dogs and have owned dogs all my adult life. The sadness of losing a trusted member of the family is tough and heart breaking, but far out ways not to have one.

My dogs have supported me over the years through good times and bad and regardless what life has thrown at me, they are the one constant. Always pleased to see me, never judgemental and give love unconditionally.

The photo is of me and Sabby, my 16 ½ year old Lhasa Apso who I recently lost. She was my link to my Mum who I lost to Alzheimer’s last year and wherever my Mum was in the house, Sabby was always close by, keeping an eye on her. Mum drew much comfort from her presence and I know they are both at peace together now.”

So tell us….what does your pet bring to your life?

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About the Author

Emma Gallagher, Employer Branding and Graduate Recruitment Lead for UK & Ireland

Emma joined Schneider Electric 4 years ago on a short fixed term contract but has since never left! She holds 10+ years of experience finding future talent their dream roles and loves watching them grow. She is proud to lead the Employer Branding for UK & Ireland driving our culture and values.

Emma is an ALLY to all, and a self-acclaimed crazy dog lady, with a love for all animals. Although spiders and wasps are a grey area!


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