#SEGreatPeople | Matthew Thesing: Acting Like an Owner Drives Creative Customer Solutions

When putting people first is the singular focus that drives your company forward, you can’t help but make an impact on the world. The fact that Schneider Electric puts people first, whether employees or customers, makes working here a privilege and somewhat unique. In fact, what really interested me in the company from the start was their focus on people.

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As Schneider’s Customer Experience Business Partner for Services, I work with our Field Services business to drive greater customer centricity, which is all about focusing on the customer to really enhance their experience. I help bring the customer’s voice and perspective into what we’re doing now and into the future. We make sure we hear, understand and respond to the voice of the customer, so we can address their specific needs and strengthen our relationships with them. Utilizing tools such as Microsoft Teams and Whiteboard, along with Dovetail and Medallia allows us to collaborate virtually, share ideas, glean insights from customer feedback and work more closely as a team to make customer interactions even more seamless.

Greater responsibility leads to greater solutions.

No question, I feel empowered here. We have a management team that puts trust in individuals. Schneider has a saying, “to act like owners.” And we’re given the power to do just that. I can look at what’s right for the customer and what makes sense for the company, and if there’s an action that needs to happen, I feel empowered to take that action and drive the resolution without having to be micromanaged in any way. We get a lot of support from leadership. And acting like an owner is how we help our customers efficiently and effectively find solutions that work for them.

What I find extremely exciting is being able to take my engineering degree and the concepts I learned in school and on the job and apply them to helping customers solve their problems.

I think my favorite project I’ve been able to work on has been one where I was able to take the technical knowledge I’ve gained and apply it to real-world business problems where I was able to drive efficiency and transparency inside the business and make it easier for stakeholders to get access to that information and data. Working with our Power Advisor analytics-based service I was able to help optimize performance and power reliability to management systems and provide data and insights to customers significantly faster, so they could address potential issues before they impacted their business.

Putting customers first ensures success: theirs and ours.

What excites me are the products and solutions we’re developing and implementing that really make a difference for our customers. They are the largest companies in the world, and we’re helping them solve their problems with new technology and innovative digital solutions.

We’re helping these companies have a more robust digital interaction via video, knowledge-based articles and live chat. And we play an integral role in helping them deliver their products and services to the consumer.

What I see from my peers is that they’re very customer-focused and excited to drive change that improves and positively impacts their customers’ businesses. We can produce great products and provide great solutions, but if we’re not fully committed to the customer, then it’s all for naught. What I see from my fellow employees is great passion and a customer-first mentality that really drives home everything they do day in and day out.

Taking down walls creates openness and accessibility.

In their drive to put people first, Schneider has literally and figuratively taken down the walls. Even though we’re a large global company, everyone is so approachable no matter what level they’re at in the company. I feel like I could walk up and talk to anyone about our customers, our projects or anything.

If you look at the facilities and the resources we have here and the people we get to work with, it’s honestly really a treat. I love the people and the atmosphere that exists here. I love the challenge that the company affords everyone and that there are opportunities at Schneider with so many different positions available. There are multiple paths you can go down; you’re never destined to stay on just a single path.

I appreciate that I’ve been pushed beyond my comfort zone to expand my knowledge and experience in areas I might not have considered before. I’ve been at Schneider now for more than fourteen years, and prior to my current position, I was involved more in tech support where I did everything from troubleshoot software to analyze a power quality meter phasor diagram and build a module-based frameworks to solve a complex customer need.

But it’s very easy to challenge yourself and to do something different here if you choose to and to make a difference in different areas of the business and industry. If you are willing to reach out and engage individuals to learn more about other parts of the business, there are so many opportunities here for growth and success.

Stepping into ownership makes all the difference.

I believe the values that Schneider Electric holds – what we’re trying to do for our people, our customers and the environment– are really making an impact and that really resonates and speaks volumes to anyone looking to work for a company where they can make a difference. This is a company that is positively changing lives by encouraging each one of us to act like owners of the company, of our customer relationships and ultimately, of the world.


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Matthew Thesing is the Customer Experience Business Partner for Services at Schneider Electric. He graduated from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville with a degree in electrical engineering.

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