Schneider Graduate Program in Global Supply Chain – A digital transformative journey through rotations

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Yujie Chen is a Supply Chain Transformation Specialist in Singapore that started his career in the Schneider Graduate Program- a rotational program in Supply Chain. He takes us through his journey through the rotations.

A digital transformative journey 

This article is being written while I am working from home – for the 4th week since the last tightening of safety measures in Singapore, and for almost countless weeks since the Covid-19 pandemic started in 2020. It is commendable that we are quite adapted to the next normal, nonetheless, being away from office and colleagues, does make me miss the time when I first started my career as part of the Schneider Graduate Program (SGP), in the fall of 2019.

As a Bachelor of Business Management graduate, joining Schneider Electric’s Global Supply Chain may have been regarded as a leap of faith. However, having conducted more thorough research about the company and the Graduate Program, I started to have a strong inclination to be a part of the mission of Schneider Electric: to empower all to make the most of our energy and resources, bridging progress and sustainability for all. While Schneider’s purpose and mission strongly resonate with me, the strategy that focuses on accelerated digitization and circular economy approach further affirm my confidence in such a forward-looking company.

Looking at the Graduate Program itself, it’s designed to provide breadth and depth of experience for the graduates through a challenging 2-year journey. As a fresh graduate, often it is hard to navigate through the ambiguity of what kind of role one really aspires to be working in. Such concern could be alleviated as rotational opportunities offered in the graduate program allow one to explore various departments while gaining fruitful experience and connections, which lead to an informed decision on a position afterward.

Vast Experience through Rotations

Excited and perhaps slightly nervous, I started my first rotation as a Customer Satisfaction & Quality (CS&Q) Specialist in East Asia and the Pacific for the first year. I was tasked to lead digital projects that would impact manufacturing quality, which would be in direct relation to customer satisfaction. The role started off as a project management role, but it evolved to so much more. It is true what my colleague has shared with me, that Schneider is full of opportunities, and ideas will be embraced and encouraged. I seized opportunities that came along, and I am grateful that the people here are so accommodating and supportive. In the short span of 1 year, I participated in my first Schneider Performance System Audit in Batam, anchored Phoenix project deployment in the Philippines, ideated and officialized a digital logistic tracking project in a Singapore warehouse, as well as finished my Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training in Batam. Such experiences have broadened my perspectives and warranted deep and immersive hands-on experiences.

Having finished my stint in CS&Q, I then moved on to Supply Chain Planning as a Transformation Specialist. This is the function that ties the supply chain process together, by orchestrating the Sales, Inventory, and Operations Planning process to the entire supply chain, to ensure end-to-end collaboration and seamless planning. My role was then expanded from managing digital projects of various planning platforms and tools, to also managing the competency aspect of the planning team.

Digital projects and transformation have formed the majority of my two rotations. I have started with leading digital projects on a Tableau dashboard for visual analytics and reporting, to more advanced digital projects that could automate manufacturing data reading, inspection, inventory management, planning, and forecasting. I did not start off quite seasoned in these areas but the experts and talented colleagues, as well as the vast amount of resources available in My Learning Link (Schneider’s e-learning portal), have empowered me to learn from the best and to practice through applying. I have even picked up Robotics Process Automaton (RPA) skills along the way to help to automate certain repetitive tasks. The considerably numerous digital projects with tight timelines are certainly challenging, but the eventual time saved from the involved personnel as well as the financial benefits gained has really given me the job satisfaction that I desired: to make a difference.

Digital in Every Rotation

Through these projects and rotations, I could clearly see that Schneider has placed a strong emphasis on digitization in every aspect of its business and operations. On the other hand, it also reflects upon the faith Schneider has in its early career talents, by entrusting important projects to our hands and nurturing us as future leaders.

Looking back as I am about to finish my Schneider Graduate Program, I am grateful for all the ups and downs I have been through. Schneider has an encouraging environment where I could be daring to disrupt by confidently sharing my ideas, and acting as owners to take up important projects. It is also a school with the best resources and talents around the world, that you can learn every day regardless of geographical boundaries. I look forward to what lies ahead in this meaningful journey.

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