[Podcast] Let’s talk generations, the planet and baby powder

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For the first time (ever), wherever you work from, you will be working side by side with 5 different generations. Whether you’re a teenager starting a job for the very first time or someone who is nearer retirement – either way you each have something to share and learn from someone who has a different perspective from yourself.

We recorded this podcast episode at the start of the summer holidays and alongside the benefits of working with a diverse workforce, we wanted to touch on mental health, saving the planet, and discussing how baby powder can save your life.

Episode 2: Side by Side

Listen in while we catch up with our shamazing colleagues, Siobhan and Ellie in this second podcast episode as we talk to them about their experiences of personal development, the benefits of working with different generations, and what they’ve learned on the way.

Carmel reads an extract from her journal (shhh don’t tell anyone) and we touch on the topic of mental health problems. We also give a shout-out to Earth OverShoot Day which was on July 29 this year and give our top tips on how we can all help #MovetheDate to help our beautiful planet.

Don’t forget your pen and paper to join in on the GBB pop quiz – Emma and Rob will be asked to make the ultimate decision: which chocolate would they get rid of… forever.

‘A different perspective is a good perspective’
~Siobhan Kelly Bush. Head of Talent Management and Diversity and Inclusion UK & I


Ellie Bamfield, Netball enthusiast with a mean standing shot who loves penguins and crunchies

Ellie Bamfield, Guest of the Schneider Electric Podcast The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful

Ellie is a Digital Energy Degree Technical Apprentice living in Manchester and has been with the Schneider family for just under a year. In her spare time she plays competitive netball for her home club and loves to watch the British and Australian Netball League. Her favourite teams are the New South Wales Swifts and Leeds Rhinos. Her favourite chocolate bar is a penguin bar or a crunchie and she is pro twix. Please note, Ellie was not forced to state her affiliation and love for Twixes – this was her choice.

Siobhan Kelly-Bush, Gardening guru that will only eat chocolate from the fridge

Siobhan Kelly-Bush, Guest of the Schneider Electric's Podcast The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful

After joining Schneider Electric as a HR professional, Siobhan’s role evolved to be responsible for Talent Management and the Diversity and Inclusion Lead across the UK&I. She has built on her HR experience and working across Leadership Teams to embed an inclusive and high performance culture across Schneider Electric.  In all of the programmes Siobhan leads she looks to attract and retain employees from all diversities whilst offering equal opportunities for all. Did we mention that her choice of chocolate is Lindt (from the fridge) and she wants to abolish Twixes? Enough said.


Carmel Bawa, News Editor, Global MarketingCarmel Bawa, Host of Schneider Electric Podcast The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful

Carmel’s love affair with communications started 15 years ago with her first job. Since then, her passion has extended to internal and external communications, and with it some might say, an almost unhealthy obsession with project planning. She is in her fourth year at Schneider and when she’s not at her desk, Carmel loves to make jewelry, hang out with her husband and son and dream about their next holiday.

Emma Gallagher, Host of Schneider Electric Podcast The Good, the Bad and the BeautifulEmma Gallagher, Employer Branding and Graduate Recruitment Lead for UK & Ireland

Emma has been part of the Schneider family for four years and holds 10+ years of experience finding future talent their dream roles and loves watching them grow. She is proud to be an Employer Brand Champion and 100% ally to all. Emma is a huge animal lover especially when it comes to dogs. She has passion for trying new things and is currently learning to ride a dirt bike! She loves travelling and experiencing different cultures.

Robert Insull, Host of Schneider Electric Podcast The Good, the Bad and the BeautifulRob Insull, Segment Marketing Manager, Residential

Rob joined Schneider Electric almost ten years ago. After a seven-year Internal Communications career, he recently moved into a new role (still with Schneider) as Segment Marketing Manager for Residential. Rob is a ‘decent’ badminton player, a keen guitarist, and a big Wolves fan.


Schneider Electric Podcast The Good, the bad and the beautiful. Let's talk generations, the planet and baby powder.

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