Manufacturing My Future at Schneider Electric

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In honor of National Intern Day some of our #SEGreatPeople Interns are sharing stories about their internships. This blog is written by Jesse Beinkampen, Manufacturing Engineering Intern in the United States.

Writing this in mid-July, I can’t help but feel like my time at Schneider is hurtling by. I started as a manufacturing engineering intern at the Oxford, Ohio plant at the beginning of June. I will be returning to finish my last year at Miami University in August. Before my time here, I had never worked in an engineering environment. My previous internship offer was unfortunately withdrawn due to the onset of the pandemic, so I was extremely excited to jump into this new opportunity. I saw this internship as not only a way to gain experience professionally, but as a milestone in my personal growth. My experiences in the past month alone have proven to be a foundation upon which a career will grow.

My Internship Responsibilities

In my position at Schneider, I often find myself interacting directly with plant operations. In school I study mechanical engineering, and while my curriculum does overlap with that of manufacturing engineering, admittedly I felt somewhat underprepared for what I envisioned I might encounter.

Luckily my team members welcomed my relative inexperience with open arms and were more than willing to set aside time to lend their knowledge and expertise.

Among other things, the focus of my job is to perform time studies on different manufacturing processes with the purpose of gathering data on how they might be ergonomically improved. I firmly believe that it is a long-term investment for a company to prioritize the health, safety, and comfortability of its employees, and I try to take that philosophy into my own work.

Utilizing My Mechanical Design Education

Additionally, I have been involved in variety of projects that I have found fulfilling in different ways. Of the handful of projects that I’ve been a part of, there is one that I especially enjoyed because it allowed me to apply my experience in mechanical design to a manufacturing context. I was tasked with designing a new fixture for a drill press that would better secure the workpieces under it. The current fixture was too loose and trying to drill the parts had been giving the workers a list of issues. Workers complained of discomfort, and the machine was proving itself to be a severe safety risk.

I spoke with the plant workers and got their input, got my calipers out, took a bunch of measurements of the existing fixture, and started brainstorming ideas. I fabricated a few 3D-printed models to help visualize them, and after settling on one design, I worked closely with the machinists to create a working model which we implemented, and the results have been promising. It was very fulfilling for me to be able to apply my knowledge to a project that will hopefully improve the worker’s experience.

A Great Experience

Schneider has been a very welcoming place for a young engineer looking to gain experience. Furthermore, the Schneider Summer Intern Program has been a great way to meet other interns and learn about what Schneider has to offer. We have learned about employee resource groups and other services available exclusively to Schneider employees, as well as networking skills and how to be a brand advocate. If you or someone you know is interested in beginning a career with Schneider electric, check out our careers website for more information.

About the Author

Jesse is a Manufacturing Engineering Intern for Schneider Electric in Oxford, Ohio. He will be graduating in 2022 with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Miami University. An Eagle Scout from Clayton, Ohio, he has research experience in the interaction between pedestrians and autonomous vehicles. In his free time, Jesse enjoys relaxing in a hammock, bike riding, watching movies, and listening to music or a podcast.

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