Anita Mondal shares about working in her dream sector – Electrical Engineering

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Is your role a perfect match for you? That’s a firm YES from Electrical Engineer Anita Mondal, as she follows her dreams and tells you her story! We caught up with Anita to ask her some questions about her career in engineering, how she chose it, and asked if she has any advice for others hoping to pursue engineering as a career.

Please describe your role and your reasons for joining Schneider Electric.

Being an Electrical Engineer, I feel privileged to work with Schneider Electric and as a contract engineer, it means that I follow each project from tendering stage through to delivering. Managing the contracts and problem solving, in order to meet customer specifications. Within this role, daily challenges allow for personal growth and enhance my knowledge to make me a more well-rounded engineer. 

When and why did you decide to become an Engineer? 

At my secondary stage, I realized I love the Physics subject most and I scored well in both secondary and higher secondary. Following that, I chose the Electrical path. Well…why did I choose to be an Engineer? It is like a family tradition and I had also not thought out of the box to be fair, but I am enjoying my profession. 

What excites you about Engineering? 

I feel the industry in the power sector in which Schneider and my previous organizations operate, is a perfect match for my experience and choice. I feel energetic & comfortable in my ability to continually develop new contract leads in the product and service range. And the type of customer with whom my business is aligned. 

What has been your most rewarding experience as an engineer? 

I am fortunate that I am working in my dream sector. So personally, I find it rewarding when I can physically see my own improvements. With each project, I am constantly furthering my own knowledge and abilities, while handling daily challenges and meeting customer requirements. Apart from that, I have been addressed as a good team player and a customer problem solver. 

With each project, I am constantly furthering my own knowledge and abilities, while handling daily challenges, meeting customer requirements.

How has Schneider Electric supported you / your career? 

Schneider supported me to fulfil my dream to work in a big international company. I got the opportunity to work with an open-minded team, and creativity combined with technical knowledge was the answer to solve the issue far sooner than planned and satisfy our clients without any risks. My manager has also encouraged me to explore the product knowledge I had very limited experience in, which was Medium Voltage equipment. So this is great as part of my personal development. 

What advice do you have for females interested in becoming an Engineer? 

Have fun in your job! You will learn more from your work. I have been experiencing that if I enjoy my work I can open myself up, which helps to build relationships and take my work personally. Also because I am spending maximum time of my daily life with this work, so why not be personal, and that is how I fell in love with my work. It’s not just a piece of advice but a thought of my heart. 

As an Engineer, what is the best advice you have been given, and by whom? 

”Never compromise with the details, learn from everything”. There are many things I have been guided with by my managers in Schneider, as well as in my previous organization. Also, their appreciation and feedback help me to grow and bring culture to my work. 

”Never compromise with the details, learn from everything”

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