[Podcast] The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful

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The first thing that sprung to mind when myself Carmel Bawa, Emma Gallagher and Rob Insull discussed the purpose of our podcast was, how to keep it real. Not in a cheesy way at all, but just being our authentic selves really (that’s right, no work voices on this podcast) and making sure that every topic was relatable. We wanted people to turn around and say, ‘Yes, I’ve been there’. We knew we would share our own experiences but mostly, the concept was to highlight all the authentic stories from our #SEGreatPeople. And trust me, there’s a lot.

So off we went, pitched our idea to our senior leaders. Whether it was sheer luck or just a huge leap of faith, who knows…but they absolutely loved it. It was at that first pitch where the name came about: The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful. A Schneider Electric podcast about real people having real conversations.

Episode 1: I am who I am

We recorded this first episode at the end of Pride month and really wanted to celebrate our differences. We’re an inclusive bunch here at Schneider and want to be open and unique but most of all make everyone feel welcome.  Emma caught up with our amazing colleagues, Ben Arthur and Laura Bintcliffe to highlight some of the key issues around the topic. They’ll be talking pronouns, allyship and how we can all be more inclusive.

We also talked about imposter syndrome, transferable skills and top tips on how to nail that interview. You’ll hear us chatting away about our own career experiences: the good, the bad and the beautiful. Had to get that in somewhere didn’t we?


Ben Arthur, Clay pigeon shooting extraordinaire that regularly volunteers and plays international rugby

Ben manages the global Data Experience Team with employees from UK, Spain and Belgium and has been with the company for four years. He volunteers regularly for Pink Saltire, a LGBT charity and plays the position of hooker for an IGR international rugby team. Ben loves watching and playing rugby and you can most of often find him at a pitch or enjoying his other hobby clay pigeon shooting

“…I think it’s really important that you use self-discovery, you understand where you fit, but also you understand, there are other people in other groups to understand from as well.”

Laura Bintcliffe, Massive Liverpool FC fan that loves to travel and work out

Laura is a Project Sales Engineer that deliver sales and growth opportunities for electrical wholesalers and manages contractor projects from ideation through to completion. She is a massive Liverpool FC fan, loves to travel, enjoys working out (to compensate for her love of food) and lives in North West of England.

“…ask them, am I offending you by doing this? Because that’s how you’re ever going to learn, right? You ask questions. It’s the only way.”


Carmel Bawa, News Editor, Global MarketingCarmel Bawa, Host of Schneider Electric's Podcast The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful

Carmel’s love affair with communications started 15 years ago with her first job. Since then, her passion has extended to internal and external communications, and with it some might say, an almost unhealthy obsession with project planning. She is in her fourth year at Schneider and when she’s not at her desk, Carmel loves to make jewelry, hang out with her husband and son and dream about their next holiday.

Emma Gallagher, Host of Schneider Electric's Podcast The Good, the Bad and the BeautifulEmma Gallagher, Employer Branding and Graduate Recruitment Lead for UK & Ireland

Emma has been part of the Schneider family for four years and holds 10+ years of experience finding future talent their dream roles and loves watching them grow. She is proud to be an Employer Brand Champion and 100% ally to all. Emma is a huge animal lover especially when it comes to dogs. She has passion for trying new things and is currently learning to ride a dirt bike! She loves travelling and experiencing different cultures.

Robert Insull, Host of Schneider Electric's Podcast The Good, the Bad and the BeautifulRob Insull, Segment Marketing Manager, Residential

Rob joined Schneider Electric almost ten years ago. After a seven-year Internal Communications career, he recently moved into a new role (still with Schneider) as Segment Marketing Manager for Residential. Rob is a ‘decent’ badminton player, a keen guitarist, and a big Wolves fan.

Where to listen to the podcast?

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