How the Open Talent Market helped me pick a new role in a difficult year

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It was the year 2020 – a different one, by all standards. The world was going through a tough time, and the economic outlook was sluggish. The tendering team was a team that bore the brunt of such a slowdown. This blog describes how I landed an opportunity to lead this team in what was a difficult year.

A path of growth, learning and achievements:

My journey in Schneider Electric began as a Tendering Engineer in 2011. Coming from a protection background, automation was something new to me. However, I learned the ropes quickly with the support of my colleagues and manager.  After a stint of 5 years in tendering, I joined the sales team as a Solution Application Expert, which let me directly work with customers.

In hindsight, these roles were perfect for me since, my first role enhanced my tech skills, whereas the next role helped me develop the knack of speaking and selling.

During my tenure, I completed the first order of Energy Automation Centre India, thus opening the doors for Schneider to explore a new path in the market. We went on to grow and become the market leader in the next 2-3 years. Personally, it was a proud feeling to be a part of the winning team.

Picking a new role through Open Talent Market:

Open Talent Market at SchneiderIn March 2020, Schneider Electric launched their Open Talent Market, a one-stop shop for career development by creating an internal talent market leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) to match the supply and demand of talent throughout Schneider Electric.

By uploading their profile to the Open Talent Market (or connecting it to their LinkedIn), employees get the following AI-suggested development and career opportunities based on their skills, competencies, and future ambitions such as:

  • Full-time roles/career moves
  • Part-time projects / gigs / assignments
  • Mentoring opportunities (bi-directional)
  • Learning suggestions on our Learning Management System (LMS)

Since the tool was easy to navigate, I logged in, created my profile, and saw that new opportunities for career growth were just a click away. The tool is highly decentralized as it allows the whole organization to view new openings as and when they are posted. Moreover, the AI that powers the platform also intelligently recommends job opportunities that are relevant to your profile.

It was here that I learned about the opening to lead the tendering team – where I had begun my career in Schneider. The role was a level up from the role I was in and promised added visibility and growth.

I decided to rise up to the challenge, opt for the role and let my skills do the rest.

If I were to take it up, the role would surely challenge my abilities and test my mettle to perform in a trying business environment. I decided to rise up to the challenge, opt for the role and let my skills do the rest.

During my transition to the role, all my leaders and other stakeholders were thoroughly supportive and encouraged me to take up the challenge, under the trying circumstances and it was a smooth transition.

What lies ahead:Group Photo

Life at Schneider seems to have come to a full circle for me: I’m leading the team that I joined 11 years back as an engineer.

We, at Schneider Electric, continue to empower everyone to make the most of their energy and resources, thus ensuring Life Is On everywhere. I cherish my role in making this dream a reality and look forward to scaling more professional heights in the years to come.

At Schneider Electric, we empower you to turn career goals into reality. Apply today.


open talent market schneider electricAbout the author: 

Kailash Sharma, Deputy General Manager-Tendering at Schneider Electric is an experienced Senior Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the electrical and electronic manufacturing industry. Skilled in SCADA, Substation, Engineering, and Switchgear, he has been a part of our Sales & Tendering teams since 2011.

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  • Prabhakar Jha

    3 years ago

    Well done Kailash Bhai, keep it up 👍

  • Kanagasabapathy

    3 years ago

    Hi Kailash, it was great to hear from you such an inspiring story from my ex colleague.Congrats!!

  • Kanagasabapathy

    3 years ago

    Hi Kailash, it was great to hear from you such an inspiring story from my ex colleague.Congrats!!

  • Devesh Shukla

    3 years ago

    It’s interesting and mentoring story explores how your growth a click away.

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