Adapting to a new routine with twins with the help of parental leave

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Authored by: Mohammad Khalil, Key Account Manager – Field Services

Making the most of my energy!

parental leave at schneider electricAs my family was expecting twins to arrive, bringing the most precious moments that will transform our lives forever and as they are our first children for my family, I felt a deep need to make the most of my energy to manage or cope with everything that is new to me.

Once the twins were born, I felt fully supported and well taken care of by the bigger family of Schneider Electric!

It was a great experience where a simple process, very structured policy is followed for such events, to arrange everything for you and to ensure a smooth transition of workload to your colleagues, it is like saying, “just take care of your newborn twins, we’ve got you covered!”

Adapting a new life routine with the twins – Time for a Parental leave

Parental leave gave me the opportunity to be fully engaged at home and to support my growing family, and enjoy such memorable times with them. Especially supporting my wife as she was recovering from medical complications after delivery. In fact, it was probably the most important leave I have ever taken! Certainly the most well spent.

Taking this time dedicated to my family and away from work helped me focus on what’s important and find a work-life balance. It helped me to be more efficient and to plan ahead of the best arrangement that suits my new life with the little newborn twins around!

Empowered by Schneider Electric

By the time I am writing this blog and sharing my story, it will be the celebrations of Father’s Day and it is indeed a Happy Father’s Day for me this year!

During these times I felt empowered by the family leave policy at Schneider Electric and I felt highly privileged to work for such a supporting employer. I think it’s important to pause for a moment to appreciate the support received from my colleagues and the team during this leave.

So, with all that said, I’m very grateful that Schneider Electric provides parental leaves to parents. It’s an amazing benefit.

On behalf of my newborn twins, Fairs & Eliana, thank you Schneider Electric! #LifeIsOn

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  • Meredith C

    3 years ago

    Love this! I also welcomed twins on the Schneider Electric team, and am also so thankful to be part of such a great company.

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