Internship Opportunity, Virtual but Personal!

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Basma is a 2020 graduate from the German University in Cairo majoring in Electronics Engineering. She joined the Schneider Electric internship program in August 2020 and got hired as a full-timer in January 2021 as an Inside Sales Engineer – she is passionate about learning & traveling and always looking forward to achieving new goals in life.

Internship Opportunity, Virtual but Personal!

Right after graduating from Electronics Engineering in July 2020, I began searching for different internship opportunities, and then I stumbled across a virtual internship at Schneider Electric, and I decided to go for it on the spot! At first, I was sad that I would miss the face-to-face interactions. But I was proven wrong as the sessions passed by.

The internship was unbelievably smooth and very efficient. We were given various group activities, communicated regularly, worked on real tasks and we ended up having even more fun while bonding together. I even received, a bag of goodies at my doorstep to welcome me! I was surprised and happy. Who doesn’t love gifts, right?

Part of a Family

From the very beginning, everybody was warm and inviting to me, which made me feel comfortable with the team and the organization. I quickly felt like I fit in. It really felt like I was part of a family. I got to know my colleagues more personally and I had the chance to learn not only technical skills but most importantly soft skills that helped me develop my personality.

Learn Every Day

Throughout my internship, I continued to #LearnEveryDay. It was unbelievable how much I learned in such a short period of time during the program and I received a certificate of appreciation, thanks to Schneider Electric’s learning platforms and to my mentors that guided me every day and gave me real, hands-on tasks!

We also had technical sessions with employees and leaders from different business units thus I was able to explore my career interests and determine where I could passionately make the biggest impact in the company. I felt the meaning of #SEGreatPeople and I realized that I have gained a lot more than knowledge, ideas, and learning.

Employee Now!

In December 2020, I received a call from the Talent Acquisition team in Egypt about a newly open position as an Inside Sales Engineer, I did not hesitate to accept the role and challenge myself to #DareToDistrupt and to continue to #LearnEveryDay.

I continue to see myself as an engineer who needs to acquire more skills to be better each day. Schneider Electric gave me the opportunity to work in this inclusive workplace, find my own passion and be more confident as a female engineer. While female engineers still represent a minority, I can see that Schneider is empowering me every single day.

Now that I have been an employee in Schneider Electric for almost 5 months now, I really like my job and moreover, I get to enjoy work each and every day with a fun and supportive team and an amazing manager.

Thank you to Schneider Electric for this great opportunity! If you want to work for a company with a meaningful purpose that is inclusive and empowering, apply today to work at Schneider Electric! 

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