Don’t be so hard on yourself when working from home

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Is working from home a pleasure? Yes! But for a father, during a pandemic, it’s not that easy!

Since last year we have the challenge of working from home. I see many stories and people talking about how it is more productive and enjoyable to work from home, without the stress of traffic or without the need to face great distances to get to work.

Well, I also agree that these benefits bring well-being, but (in my humble opinion) it is far from the perspective that working from home is as great as it seems for everyone.

Working from home is a challenge. We have different routines, different lives, and the same recipe cannot be applied to everyone. Who knows, in a context outside the pandemic, in which classes are normalized, I will have more of a perception of the pleasure of working from home. On a personal account, I say that while working from home has been one of the best experiences for me, but it has also been the most challenging working with a 3 year old.

The time needs to be divided between the care in delivering your activities and at the same time, taking care of the children.

It is the meeting in which he asks to sit on my lap, or asks to go to the bathroom right when you are presenting. The task that needs concentration, but at the same time, your child is calling you to play, as he can no longer stand to be inside the house. The dog that no longer knows what it is to walk outside because the schedules no longer match.

One Day at a Time

How to get around this? Simply living one day at a time! Don’t try to be the superhero! I’ve tried to do a weekly routine, it didn’t work, a daily one … it didn’t happen. A 3-year-old child is not very attached to a routine.

My solution is: give the child the maximum attention during the time he is most active and focus on work in the moments when he is calm. Another important factor is to be supported by the company you work for and your leaders to understand this new way of working. At this point, I can say that I am very lucky because Schneider Electric and my management team make me feel free to make my own, flexible schedule when working from home.

As a last piece of advice, don’t be so hard on yourself … there are more people in the same situation as you are, and that can support you by sharing their experiences.

Thank you to Schneider Electric for supporting everyone through this phase of life and the next normal. If you’re looking for a company with great flexibility, a hybrid work environment, and more, search our jobs here! 


About the Author

Francisco Dario Limo Graduated in Computer Networks at Oswaldo Cruz and postgraduate in Project Management at FIAP. Francisco is responsible for HR systems for the countries of South America at Schneider Electric since 2015.

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  • While I’m managing my projects meetings by “Teams”, it is really nice hearing the kids in the background. Sometimes, someone feels shamed due to kids’ “noises” in the background and I just make the person comfortable with a comment: “Hey, do not worry about that, I have twins here. Sounds like a happy home.”

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