Schneider Graduate Program Experience in Supply Chain Procurement – From India to Hungary   

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2021, when the entire world is surrounded by the words Vaccination, Curfew, Quarantine, Exemption, Work from Home, Social Distancing, Immunity Boosters, Job Crisis, Masks, New wave of Covid, Digitization, etc, I entered the Party City – Budapest, where I continued my career.

The city which is usually full of life with parties all around, restaurants buzzing, thermal baths on peak but quiet due to Covid-19 pandemic, I landed on 8th January at the airport with my family with questions and confusion. But then I get a surprise from the Immigration Police. “Exemption from Quarantine” a rare, but yes, I received this status with all the documents provided by Schneider Electric. This is the power of Schneider Electric in the power industry.

Having traveled during critical times, I have no regret at all. I entered the city, which still has the same attractiveness, beautiful, calm and composed.

I am thankful for the decision I made to transfer from India to Hungary – which is for my transformation in all aspects of my life.

My current role is Category Buyer for Fx Categories (customized products for switchgear) in Equipment & Transformer Plants of Europe. A totally new set of challenges in a new country for me with the responsibility of more than 10 plants spreading across different countries.

Journey So Far

I joined Schneider Electric India in 2012 when major acquisitions were in process. Schneider Electric is known for acquisitions in different segments and how it helps us – we see different cultures, products, and work processes. But what do we get out of it? – having the best process across the industry, and vast experience and learning. I joined as a Schneider Graduate Supply Chain Procurement Program trainee and Schneider helped me to transform my technical knowledge and leadership skills from books to practical.

With its vision of helping to make the world a better place to live through its constantly evolving products, solutions, software, and services, Schneider Electric is an attractive company for early careers. Having worked in Production in the initial days of my professional career and then having myself into Procurement is a vast experience of learning and delivering innovative, smart, and optimized solutions for our customers. I started at a factory in Vadodara, one of the best Medium Voltage Switchgear Plants in India. What I learned was not limited to the knowledge of procurement, but I also learned about the importance of learning every day, business acumen, the importance of networking, etc. In fact, I also learned lessons in Yoga, Pranayama, Lean Six Sigma, Artificial Intelligence, and more. And the best part, we were trained by experts, in and out of Schneider Electric.

Here are a few key learnings I’ve taken away from my experience as a graduate in supply chain procurement and now an employee for 9 years,

1 – Learn Every Day

Not only the content learned in the graduate program but learning new innovation, market strategies, digitization, etc. Learning can transform life in all aspects through regular training at Schneider from the industry experts and implementing the learnings in your day-to-day.

2- Business Acumen

The knowledge I accumulated during my production and supply chain role helped me gain the technical and logistics aspect of product purchasing flow.  And then added with the Procurement topics such as Business review with Suppliers, Negotiations, Change of Supplier, Quality Value Engineering, Days of Payment Outstanding) helped me learn business acumen which could support Schneider Electric to be competitive in the industry.

3 – Network

“If you want to go fast – go alone. If you want to go far – go with the team” – a proverb that is demonstrated in Schneider Electric. – The importance of teamwork is shown in networking. Schneider Electric demonstrates networking with all stakeholders through programs like Global Supplier Day, Innovation Day, customer meetings, and more.

Career Path and Learning

Joining Schneider Electric helps us be better in various skills and adapt to the changing work environment throughout our careers. During these 9 years, I could meet the top management, functional leaders and share my thoughts and ideas at various events either face to face or virtually. Schneider is also well-adopted to this new normal, meaning any circumstances the world is in, activities at Schneider Electric will always continue 😊.

With my new position in Budapest, I am focusing on adapting to new work culture, being more strategic, networking with a new set of people while also enjoying a new place. However, what is common in Schneider Electric is its company programs which always keep life on. That is why we say at Schneider Electric, Life Is On.

About the Author

Anoop Jain is Category Buyer for Procurement, leading Fx categories (Current Transformer/Potential Transformer/Surge Arrestor/customized products) in Equipment & Transformer Europe Region (managing for Hungary, Sweden, Poland, Spain, France plants) with a strong focus on Procurement. Originally from India, he started his career as a Graduate Engineer Trainee and has managed different roles like Production, Supply Chain, Procurement in India. Anoop is based out currently in Budapest and he likes to practice Yoga, Pranayam, and explore nature to keep himself rejuvenated.


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