Early Career Voices: Narratives of Young Talent from Schneider Electric India

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Your first job is one that usually sets the tone for the rest of your career. Apart from financial independence, it bestows you with exposure to new environments, develops your network, and gives you a better understanding of your strengths and areas of improvement.

Here’s what some of our Campus Hires have to say about their career experience with us so far.

On a collaborative team spirit

Ankita Priyadarshini from NIT Rourkela joined us as a Graduate Engineer Trainee in 2018. Now a Software Test Engineer, she recounts her experience as below:

“I never expected to be welcomed in such a grand manner with lots of fun, orientation activities, and learning too. 

My teammates have mentored me continuously, helping me gain knowledge and experience in many fields. I don’t sense any hierarchy exists in our team – we just walk up to management and openly discuss with them. 

Schneider Electric is a place where you can continuously learn new things and explore opportunities. You’ll always have people to support you throughout.”

Priyanjali Roychoudhury, MIT Manipal, Batch of 2019,  Analyst, Digital Innovation and Technology, commends the spirit of collaboration in Schneider

“My journey in Schneider has been the smoothest transition from campus to the corporate world that I could have ever hoped for. About 1.5 years through and there remains not a speck of doubt as to whether I belong here. 

 There was a lot I had to learn to even begin to contribute significantly. But I have been lucky to have teammates who answered every silly question of mine— and still do!

Any good work I do is duly appreciated, and for any lapse, my team always has my back. Schneider has supported me in more ways than I can name. I am grateful to have started my career with a company that takes care of its employees like family.” 

On learning during your initial phase

Marziyah Hussain, MIT Manipal, Batch of 2019, Analyst – Delivery and Operations, reminisces, 

“My learning curve was slow in the beginning. My team didn’t directly thrust me into a challenging project. Instead, I was slowly acclimatized into the open projects and was gradually given responsibility. My team is amazing. They patiently answered my questions and understood that my knowledge was limited and I lacked prior knowledge. They constantly checked up about whether I was not feeling overburdened with my tasks.

Every day I am learning and improving my skills. Schneider doesn’t care whether you are working for 8 hours or when you are clocking in. As long as you are finishing your tasks, they aren’t bothered. Moreover, the work-life balance is great. “

On work that powers the Digital Economy

Prashul Kumar, MIT Manipal, Batch of 2019, Analyst, Digital Innovation and Technology, shares,

“With the businesses moving and adapting more towards the Digital platforms, my work at Schneider Digital has been quite challenging. The demand for data is ever increasing and with that, comes my job to facilitate Data integration. Here, I integrate data from various sources for reporting to the Business heads. I also work on Product development lifecycles of data-intensive applications. My role directly impacts our business units globally.” 

On changing roles and building a career within Schneider Electric

Jasmine Sethi, a Graduate Engineer Trainee from Banasthali, batch of 2017 never imagined that she would be in Schneider to date. 

“I never really thought that after three years after I would still be here. But… That is how amazing Schneider is.

After our induction, we were on our training period for the first six months where we learned and executed work at the same time.

I served in my role for 2 years. I was awarded the spotlight & energy award of the year. The management even decided to send me to Singapore for a tech Bootcamp, giving me all the opportunities to explore & develop myself.

After two years in my role, I had a change of interest, as I wanted to explore offer marketing. I was a bit anxious & scared about how to propose this to my manager since there were a lot of expectations.

I gathered the courage and told my then manager, of my interests. Contrary to what I anticipated, the response and support I received were commendable. The management was so supportive and encouraging and today, I stand here, thoroughly enjoying my new role.” 

Up for a meaningful career? Join us!

As is now evident, whether you aspire to contribute to a meaningful purpose, be part of a team that works collaboratively, or seek a strong platform to shape your career, Schneider Electric’s Early Career Programs are for you.   

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