Celebrating Earth Day at Schneider Electric

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The solutions for a sustainable future are in our hands

April 22nd is Earth Day, and this year’s theme is to Restore Our Earth™.   Being part of the climate-change solutions doesn’t have to be all about big partnerships and corporate innovations. Even the small changes we, as individuals, make can have a big impact.

Earth Day 2021

Schneider Electric is and will keep being part of the solution: in our daily lives, jobs, working with partners to innovate and create solutions that are positive for climate and our planet.  Many of our Schneider employees around the globe are already embracing sustainable, life-changing activities – from changing their diets to using metal stirrers.  Below we share some tips and stories from our employees that are making a big impact.

For more ideas on how to celebrate Earth Day check out these home activities, which will also help you kick off a sustainable-living journey.

Earth Day Tips and Stories From Our Employees

“When I walk my dogs, I always bring a trash bag with me so I can pick up the cans and bottles people leave behind.  While these might be very small actions, they can really add up over time.  And now I have neighbors who are joining me in this effort!”

Joanne Walsh, Employee Communications Manager – United States

“My family and I help the environment by recycling, composting, and taking our own bags to the grocery store.” – Juan Rodarte, Segment Operations Manager – Mexico

“Earth day hack – European dish cloths! You may never use another paper towel again.  Seriously life changing.” – Lisa Causarano, International Account Manager – United States

David (left) with US Senator Mike Braun walk through the woods discussing invasive species and timber stand improvement

“I’ve planted over 17,000 trees (black walnut and oak) over the past 30 years here on my farm in central Indiana.  We are focused on eliminating invasive plants within the woods.  In addition, we focus on keeping our 45 foot stream clean of trash.”

David Youngblood, National Account Manager – United States

“We try to purchase as little plastic as possible. We will always choose local and fresh first by buying directly from our community farms and markets, which use little to no packaging. For example, locally made package-free soap, shampoo bars, and conditioner bars.” – Elan Fritz, Offer Marketing Specialist Manager – Canada

“One of the ways I take care of the planet is by bringing the planet inside.  I love having house plants around.” – Stephanie Byrd, EcoStruxure – Marketing Director – United States

“I contribute to taking care of the planet by having a plant-based diet.  I’m buying package free products from local producers.”

Silvia Adriana León, Electrical Designer in Mexico

I take many small actions to add up to a big impact. I eat vegetarian, walk instead of drive, recycle, buy local, and set up a smart home with light sensors.” – Liz Durand, Global Talent Acquisition Program Manager, United States

“When we care about our planet, we’re also taking care of ourselves, our homes, the people we love, and all living beings in the world. We care about life.” – Rafael Sotomayor, Digital Marketing Specialist – Mexico

“My partner and I care for the environment and minimize our ecological footprint by following a plant-based diet. We also recycle, compost and go grocery shopping using our own eco-friendly bags. For us, living sustainably also involves cultivating a deep appreciation for nature.”

Mariana Gonzalez, Social Responsibility Delegate – Mexico

This #EarthDay, let’s be part of the solution.  Share in the comments what you are doing to make an impact!

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