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Did you know that networking drives as many as 85% of all successful job applications? Whether you’re just starting out on your career or looking to step up to a new role, it helps to increase your chances of being considered for a position. Plus, it sharpens your skills to surround yourself with experts in your chosen field.

With campuses and businesses in varying states of closure around the world, the pandemic has added a layer of complexity to how we all network. Yet it also presents us with some amazing new opportunities to nurture our professional networks virtually. While face-to-face communication remains invaluable, it’s exciting to see the multitude of ways we can connect via online communities, events, and platforms in order to grow our networks. The response to some of our own virtual Early Talent webinars exceeded our expectations for just this reason!

kick start your career with schneider go green competition

The Schneider Go Green Student competition is the perfect example of this kind of powerful online networking. Through the competition, you can meet with leaders from across Schneider Electric and AVEVA and pick their brains about your idea. If you’re successful in the first round of the competition, you’ll be given a mentor who will help you to develop your concept, hone your pitch and craft your business case. These are all great skills for life, not just the competition. You will also get an inside glimpse of Schneider Electric’s and AVEVA’s culture. In fact, in 2020 alone, an amazing total of 19 Go Green participants were lucky enough to go on to secure roles with Schneider Electric!

At AVEVA, we also continue to attract and retain some of our best professionals through our Early Careers opportunities and our Chemical Engineering Academic Competitions. Our graduates bring huge value to AVEVA: they challenge traditional norms and help us approach the future with a fresh perspective. I can’t wait to see the talented people we meet through the Schneider Go Green competition this year.

So, if you’re looking to kick start your career, be part of the next generation of innovators and help shape a more sustainable world – your ideas could be your ticket to an amazing future!

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Candace Pulford – VP Global Talent, AVEVA

Candace has amassed over two decades of expertise in Human Resources and People Management, with leadership experience across a variety of world-class companies in the Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, Retail, Industrial Automation and Software sectors. With a particular focus on talent acquisition, management and development programs, she has held strategic roles in both regional and global capacities, including HR leadership positions for Schneider Electric throughout Europe. In her current role Candace is responsible for helping to cultivate and shape AVEVA’s culture of innovation and excellence, leading the global talent and people management strategy and overseeing the implementation of initiatives focused on attracting, nurturing and developing the company’s most important asset.

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