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#SchneiderGoGreen Europe finalsMy name is Toni Sánchez, I’m a student of Degree in Industrial Engineering at ESEIAAT (UPC) and I would like to explain a little more about the incredible adventure that began just a year ago when I received a call from Schneider Electric.

To be honest, I’m not sure about having heard of Schneider before that call, of course, nothing more than related to plugs and electricity stuff. In that call, they told me about doing business internships with them and about the possibility of participating in a contest to provide solutions that could digitally and ecologically transform the world. I was absolutely surprised and excited about the proposal, and I accepted the challenge. This challenge was called Schneider Go Green, a global student competition!

In doing so, they connected me with a Nigerian girl, Oluwadammilola Lawal, who already had a premature idea to develop. So we started working together on the project around her original idea.

Synergies raised up and from that moment we were involved in the Schneider Electric team. The first idea became a project, developed with all our effort, energy, and illusion, and the final result led us to win the regional finals of the #SchneiderGoGreen contest in Europe!

Please, believe me when telling about all the effort and time invested were worthily devoted; and at this moment, by feeling the own satisfaction and knowing about what we could do in that short time because all the emotions are indescribable.

Our project, “CriB: a sustainable way to save lives”, is today positioned as the low-cost alternative to traditional neonatal incubators; by means of solar power supply, the “product-as-a-service” business model is the most sustainable and accessible alternative for developing countries. By following as a team, Oluwadammilola Lawal and I are still working on it on the project, and we are now in an internship at Schneider Electric!

Looking back, I can only say THANK YOU to that call and to the competition because I was able to connect with people from thousands of kilometers distanced in order to do something together, and creating a brighter future.

Now, let me ask you something: do you dare to accept the challenge of Schneier Electric and AVEVA — Schneider Go Green? #WhatsYourBoldIdea?! Learn more and register for #SchneiderGoGreen today! https://gogreen.se.com/en

#SchneiderGoGreen 2021 with AVEVA

About the Author

Toni Sanchez, #SchneiderGoGreen participantToni Sánchez is a Trainee in Schneider Electric Spain. He currently works in Digital Energy Division doing some Business Development and Product Management tasks for the Digital Buildings team. Toni is an Industrial Engineer specialized in energy and sustainability as well as in Big Data and Business Analytics, and he was part of the “CriB” team, which was a Finalist on Go Green Europe Finals.

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