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Despite increasing sustainability efforts across the globe, the United Nations 2020 update reported 2019 as the second warmest year on record, with climate change accelerating much faster than anticipated. With the simultaneous ongoing acceleration of the global pandemic, the need for the nations of the world to act in unison for a sustainable future has never been more urgent.

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Technology has a pivotal role to play in helping us shape a sustainable future as individuals, communities, and industries. PwC, the global consultancy, estimates that digital technologies can help to deliver up to ten of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, shaping over 70% of the outcomes. That’s just existing technologies, without the further innovations that the pandemic is driving on top. With the Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled smart devices and automation systems continuing to streamline our homes, and Industrial IoT (IIoT) technologies such as cloud and AI playing an increasingly vital role in helping industries remain efficient and agile, the potential for technology to drive sustainability is growing all the time. Indeed, global consultancy McKinsey estimates that such IoT technologies could have an annual economic impact of over $11.1 trillion by 2025 across many different settings, including factories, cities, retail environments, and even the human body.

sustainable future with Schneider Go Green

Schneider Electric and AVEVA are committed to leading the digitization of industries, collectively investing more than €$1.35 billion in R&D in 2020 alone and continuing to help customers reimagine their operations to drive sustainability and achieve efficiencies across a variety of metrics and measures.

With an ever-growing challenge on our hands, access to next-gen energy management and integrated software solutions that can realize the very latest in ecology savings, energy efficiency and digital collaboration is the key. We need to empower individuals and businesses to change how they live and work, driving energy efficiency, circularity, and sustainable performance. Schneider and AVEVA’s collaboration on Smart Factory innovation is just one example of the collective power such technologies can bring. But there’s much more we need to do.

To decelerate climate change, we’ll need not just the technologies we have today, but also fresh ideas to reshape tomorrow. This is what the Schneider Go Green competition, in partnership with AVEVA, comes in. We need your bold ideas! What technology gaps do we need to fill to enable tomorrow’s industries to work more efficiently? How will workers in ten years’ time be enabled to live and work without compromising the environment? How can we fast-track a more sustainable world?

It’s easy to enter, and it could just change your life – and our planet’s future.

Don’t delay! Grab a teammate and share your bold idea to shape our sustainable future now!

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