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When Great People, Purpose and Potential Come Together in One Place

Written by Joseph Brown

I am fortunate that the building I work in is state-of-the-art and beautiful. The workspace is beautiful, and the surrounding area is beautiful. The company perks and time off are quite generous and even beyond the norm.  But a positive work experience depends on more than an aesthetically pleasing office, great benefits and perks and plenty of vacation time. In fact, all of that pales in comparison to the #SEGreatPeople I work with day in and day out here at Schneider Electric.

People that support a diversity of cultures and ideas

It makes all the difference to work with and be around people who are extremely accepting, very intelligent and encouraged to think for themselves. For the past fifteen years working with so many people from interesting backgrounds and places, different cultures and experiences has been a big part of what makes coming to work each day interesting and never, ever dull.

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I have learned so much from the diversity of the people here and what each individual brings to the table – not only their skill sets and expertise, but their unique stories and how they each perceive the world. At Schneider Electric, we are continuously urged and emboldened to share our thoughts, ideas and experiences, because this is a company that recognizes and celebrates, rather than stifles, all our differences. They undoubtedly realize that conformity doesn’t produce innovative thinking or ground-breaking ideas.

So, at the end of the day, it’s the people that bring me back here every day. It’s the people that make me excited to get up in the morning. It’s the people that inspire and encourage me to be my best self and to believe I can make a significant difference in helping make the world a better place. People are just clearly happy to be here, and that strong spirit of community permeates the work environment. Ultimately, this kind of warmth, acceptance and support leads to understanding and creates a deeper sense of connection among team members and staff. It has certainly helped increase my level of performance.


A purpose that impacts the world

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Another thing I really love about Schneider Electric (besides their trademark shade of green) is the sense of purpose you have with this company. I’m not just doing the same old thing of putting square pegs into square holes each day. In fact, the work I’m doing means a lot to a lot of people, as it impacts whole regions and countries. And it affects the company, because it’s tangible; it can be seen, touched and felt by others on a daily basis. I believe there is a sense of awe and excitement about the importance of the work we do at Schneider Electric and the level and significance of the projects we’re given to work on, as well as the opportunities that are continually presented to us. Because the company is global, far-reaching and so large, there are many opportunities and so much potential for people to be proud of what they do. The potential to do good while effecting change here is great.

As an engineer, I’ve gotten to be the main contact for the U.S. Department of State for embassies being placed around the world. It was a tremendously large task to be responsible for and entrusted with accomplishing. The attention to detail was great because the spotlight on it was so big. The fact I succeeded in it had a lot to do with the trust being placed in me. Even when I made mistakes, I was trusted to fix them and mitigate the problems in order to bring about a positive outcome. The kind of trust and confidence they’ve had in me to handle such important, large-scale projects has given me a great sense of purpose and accomplishment. To be recognized as someone who can successfully handle those critical jobs has definitely built my own confidence and sense of accomplishment. And having that sense of purpose brings me joy and makes my love for this company even greater.


Belief in an individual’s potential for success

I never knew an electrical engineer could have the opportunities that have opened up for me through Schneider Electric. I’ve explored new paths and different routes that I never dreamed were possible, and I’ve done it without fear or trepidation of jumping into new territory. All because of the people and their belief and vision in my potential from the very beginning.

They’ve provided me with mentors that have guided and taken me to places where I can excel and be at my best. I’ve helped solve problems for mom and pop operations and conglomerates with offshore rigs, as well as massive, multi-billion dollar facilities. I know what I’m doing is helping make things better for everyone.

From working with different products at the factory to becoming a quotation specialist on the sales side for a larger region, from being in a sales support role in the U.S. to being a part of an international business team working with affiliates in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and all around the globe, then moving into the position of international business development manager for the Asia-Pacific, I’ve come a long way in just 15 years. Which is more than anything a testament to the people, sense of purpose and potential you have to succeed beyond your expectations in the supportive, empowering culture that is Schneider Electric.


About the Author

Joseph Brown is the International Business Development Manager for the NEMA and UL Business in the Power Products Division at Schneider Electric. He is based in the Franklin, TN office and works closely with Schneider Electric affiliates throughout the world.


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