Showcasing my Photography Passion during my Internship

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When I started my internship at Schneider Electric in July as a Cybersecurity Project Manager, I would have never thought that I could showcase my uniqueness and passion for photography.

Having lived in 7 countries and 10 cities, I’m a global citizen with Indonesian roots. I’ve lived most of my life like a nomad, moving from one city and country to another ever so often. Photography for me started out as a way to eternalize precious moments in my fast-paced, dynamic life.

Percussion for the Ngayu-Ayu Festival (Lombok, Indonesia)

What was once a visual diary quickly turned into a hobby of capturing the beauty of nature’s grandeur and the diverse emotional spectrum of people. I would do photoshoots with my friends and family, lug around the 1.5-kilogram camera set while hiking for days in the mountains, and take it to each one of the 31 countries I’ve visited all for this. It became a part-time income when I started doing shoots for a nightclub and a digital marketing start-up in Belgium. Nonetheless, I never lost sight of why I started photography, to make permanence of temporary experience.

Life at Schneider through Photography

In September, I had included digital photography in my profile on the internal talent marketplace platform, hoping I could somehow incorporate one of my passions at work. Two weeks later, HR contacted me for a project proposal – to capture what life was really like at Schneider Electric. I jumped on the project as fast as I could. The experience of photographing the genuine smiles of strangers you share an office with was unparalleled. It was a great way to network, share my love for photography, and showcase the beauty of people.

Photo taken of employees for the project

I had already felt empowered to be given responsibility and freedom to spearhead impactful projects. As an intern, I wouldn’t have dreamed that I could be working on projects that could globally influence the company. Over the course of four and a half months, I’ve polished my communication with top management and customers, I’ve interacted with people from various backgrounds, and I’ve learned about key competencies of being a manager in a multinational corporation. The Employer Branding project was, as the French say, “la creme de la creme” for my internship, the French-equivalence of “icing on the cake”.

Belledonne Massif at Sunrise (Isere, France)

I have never taken an experience for granted and this time around, I did not either. I’ve made the most out of my time at Schneider Electric and will keep on doing so. For those new at Schneider Electric, I have one message: benefit from the culture of the company. You can take advantage of the robust connectivity of the organization to engage with interesting like-minded people and to explore and delve into your passions. And if you’re looking for a company to start your career, Schneider Electric is a great one! Look for open opportunities for internships, jobs and more on

Because of my great internship experience, I hope to one day come back to Schneider Electric! To see what I’m up to, check out my photography portfolio, and follow me on  LinkedIn and Instagram!

About the Author

Adam Aryo Wibowo is a rising talent in the world of business. He started out his education in Katholieke Universiteit Leuven studying chemical engineering and completed his second graduate degree in international business at Grenoble Ecole de Management. Joining Schneider Electric’s cybersecurity department at the Hive mid-2020 as an intern, Adam brings his intercultural awareness and creative ideas to the multitude of projects he manages. He is motivated by human engagement and is passionate about improving business processes through data analysis. In his free time, you can find him hiking in the mountains listening to philosophical podcasts, working on photography projects, or experimenting with delicious fusion cuisine in his kitchen.


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