Lessons from Lockdown

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What I’ve learned from Lockdown

We are now in the midst of another lockdown in France, so I decided to share some lessons from this year of almost entirely working from home. Lessons that I’ll take not only for 2020 but for life.

I hope this short blog can support you somehow wherever you are! Get a cup of coffee, give yourself some time to read, and let us know how your experiences at home have been too.

Respect your limits

Working from home

During the first lockdown, I put a lot of weight on myself to produce the same as under conditions as a pre-pandemic scenario. I took part in a lot of new e-learnings and kept up on the latest numbers and news resulting in Infoxication (intoxication from information: a new term to explain the excess of bad information) and anxiety.

A few days later I decided to step away from social media for some time and give myself an information detox and focus on my spirituality. This was my best decision: to focus on hope and self-care, and re-signify. This is what I will also do on this second lockdown. There will be days more productive than others and it’s ok – make sure to respect yourself.

Stay healthy

Being full-time at home it’s natural to get a bit lazy with food: frozen, canned, and pre-cooked. Although they are all tasty, they may not be a healthier option. Take time to buy fruits, legumes, and have well-balanced meals, and even dare to cook new things! Ah! Also don’t forget exercise (this is also a reminder for me!)

Embrace different

Times are different, and I believe they won’t be the same. Therefore, why should we remain the same? As our CEO Jean-Pascal reminded us: the future is not canceled. Have you ever thought that this may be the perfect time to set up the plan to achieve your dreams? Embrace this opportunity to reflect on how to develop yourself, check your priorities, and rediscover yourself – not only professionally, but personally too. What is your life purpose? What are your career objectives? Take this opportunity to meditate and dream again about the next upcoming years.

lockdown ideas- Schneider Electric
Trying new things by making a homemade pizza!

Keep Social

Invite your colleagues for an e-coffee and keep connected to family and friends even from afar. It will be good for your mind and will keep your heart warm. ❤

Acknowledge your emotions

This can be the hard part. In the routine and loop of automatic activities we were in, we hardly stopped to acknowledge our own emotions to the point it is even difficult to nominate them. With the pandemic, we are exposed a lot more to ourselves in solitude and our own emotions – take time to acknowledge them and embrace your feelings as part of your self-care and mental health.

Last but not least, Ask for help

When things get hard, don’t hesitate to talk to someone, and ask for help from friends, family, or professionals.

At Schneider Electric, we make mental health a priority and our commitment to Well-Being and Inclusion are ingrained in our culture. I am proud to be in a company that respects each employee and empowers us all to manage our unique life and work in a hybrid or fully digital mode. In these difficult moments, remember to pay special attention to you and your family. We are all in this together and to make sure that Life is On not only today but every day.

Embrace different with Schneider Electric

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