My Memorable Summer Internship at Schneider Electric

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University Campus to Schneider Electric Campus

It was somewhere around February 2019 that I heard about Schneider Electric coming to campus with a summer internship offer for third-year students. I enrolled for it with great enthusiasm and to my surprise, I cleared level one of the selection process. I can recall the first time I’d heard the name Schneider Electric – about nine years ago when my elder brother was preparing for his campus interview process for Schneider. Maybe it was destiny at play, indicating to me that one fine day I’d land here!

I cleared the pre-interview selections and was chosen for the interview round. My brother helped me with all of the prep work so that I could give it my best. The next day was a nervous yet exciting one for me. There were top leaders there to deliver a pre-placement talk and let us know what was in store for us. We had to wait for some time until we were called in and it was when I was wondering if I’d be the right fit, and guess what? I cleared the first round of technical interview and was through to the next round – the psychometric test. I managed to pull off a decent performance and was through to the HR round which went on well. I loved the way it was conducted: so candid and frank just like an everyday conversation.

The Start of my Summer Internship

When the results were out, I was overwhelmed to hear my name on the ‘selected’ list but, I also had a lot of thoughts that were racing in my head: ‘managing’ on my own, it was the first time I was moving away from my home and what not! Time flew, and soon, it was the first day of my Summer Internship with three of my collegemates. I remember my family dropping me at the entrance of Schneider Electric, BGRT office. The temporary ID card that was handed over to me was like a prized possession – it feels nostalgic to recollect how I’d taken a picture of it and shared it across my circles! Never had I ever visited such a magnificent office building in my lifetime, and I stood there like an eight-year-old, absolutely elated, gaping at the stunning ambiance and architecture.

The whole day was so well chalked out, be it the procedures, or the initial briefing with our guides, or providing us with swag. I loved how prime importance was given to my area of interest before assigning it to my project. I was assigned a project in the Energy Management Lab for the next two months and I couldn’t contain my joy, because I was fascinated with hands-on work, just like in the lab sessions at college. Just like how the little puddles make the ocean, the little tasks I used to complete every day had come together to complete the project. I was taken by surprise at my own work and progress after seeing it all piece together. The project was complete with a positive outcome ahead of the deadline. The project encouraged me to learn and explore coding, and implement my learning in a real-life project.

completing a summer internship in indiaDuring the project, I had the chance to be a part of other important events like IoT (Internet of Things) Day. This gave me an opportunity to interact with people from different companies, and I felt my managerial and personality skills increase after being a part of the event. Coincidentally, the day of the feast was also the final day of my internship project – July 31. I presented my project findings to the leadership from Schneider and then discussed with them at length over lunch. All in all, I had so much to take away from just a period of two months.

A full-time offer!

Imagine my delight when one fine day, I received a mail that offered me an opportunity to work with Schneider Electric full-time! I was on cloud nine!

summer internship at Schneider Electric IndiaAfter I graduated, it was time to join Schneider full-time. Due to obvious reasons, we had a virtual induction on the 17th of August – with a promise that once things are better, we would all meet in person!

The first seven days of induction flashed by like light and then, we had a boot camp for those of us that were part of R&D. We thoroughly enjoyed the learning experience, and this reassured us that we are indeed at the right place – a place that focuses on #LearnEveryDay!

Ever since we’ve been working with our respective teams, and hey, I’m just loving it!!

I’m looking forward to a fulfilling and meaningful journey with Schneider, and to re-live the feel of my first day when we get back to the office in a long, long time!

If you’re a student looking for an opportunity to start your career, check out Schneider Electric internships, summer interships and jobs here! You could be the next person to start your journey with Schneider, so look out for campus events and keep up to date with us on socials below!

Sowmya summer internship at Schneider ElectricAbout the Author 

Sowmya MR is a new hire, joined Schneider in August 2020 as GET. She’s based out of Mysuru, Karnataka, and graduated from Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering (JSS S&TU) in September 2020. She has an undying passion for telling stories, singing melodies, and understanding how life operates. She comfortably finds an inn in ink and loves to give life to a slew of words, while staying inquisitive to understand the engineering of things. Also, she asks a lot of questions.

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