Calling European Students for Schneider Go Green!

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 Turhan TurhangilTurhan Go Green Europe has been with Schneider Electric for more than 30 years. He joined the company soon after his university graduation, and during these years he has taken various leadership roles across the world. Most recently he is based in Zurich and has the responsibility of SVP for Marketing, Strategy, and Business Development for Europe.

Turhan is known as a people person, who is truly passionate about growing the next generation of Schneider leaders. Today he is presenting the new edition of Schneider Go Green annual competition for students and shares why this year seems to be a very special one, especially for participants from Europe.

At Schneider Electric, we believe that energy is a basic human right and we are dedicated to furthering mankind through new technologies. As a major player in Energy Management and Industrial Automation, we see an urgent need for bold ideas that can re-shape a smarter and more sustainable future for both our industry and our company.

This is where our annual student competition – Schneider Go Green – helps to find the game changers of tomorrow, who will dare to disrupt and bring their ideas to push the boundaries of how we can impact the greener and more sustainable future.

The first competition took place in 2011, and since that time European teams have joined the global finals every year. Moreover, our regional finalists were the best globally and have won the first prize in 2011 and 2016! Last year we had two teams from Europe joining the global finals since we had a global winner of the Women in Energy special category coming from Spain.

Every year the competition becomes tougher, and we are happily welcoming more and more participants. In 2020, there were 238 projects submitted across 42 countries in Europe – and the best of the best 7 teams joined the regional finals after a strong country selection and expert mentoring sessions. We try to provide as much support as we can to the participating teams through the individual connections with Schneider experts who are openly sharing their feedback and guiding the teams to their best.

When you first apply, it is not expected to have a fully “ready to go” project. An idea is enough if you have an initial understanding of its feasibility. Schneider Electric mentors will support to develop your idea and improve it further into a project to pitch at the competition. There’d be enough time to improve once you progress between the rounds.

Schneider Go Green for Europe

Schneider Go Green Europe

Go Green in Europe is a perfect way to crowdsource out-of-the-box ideas on sustainability and to meet the outstanding young talent at the same time. After the competition, we feel equally happy and proud whether we support a great project to go live – or welcome a Go Green Europe participant as a new Schneider team member.

Presenting the 2021 edition of Schneider Go Green, I would like to introduce some exciting news for the European participants. Here is what we strive to offer you:

  1. Grow your business knowledge: This year we are celebrating the partnership with AVEVA, who joins the competition board. This is a special moment for us since AVEVA’s expertise in software solutions offers excellent support to the variety of IT-driven ideas that can come from the Go Green participants. We encourage you to explore how exciting IoT solutions can be!
  2. Boost your career: We are looking forward to offering an internship to all of you who make it up to the regional finals – we aim to have the top 10 teams pitching their ideas to the senior European leaders. It’s an inspiring community to be part of! Last but not least: we’d take care of your meaningful experience with us and make sure you have the resources and support to be your best.
  3. Finally, you’d stand a chance to join the global finals and win a trip of your choice to one of these cities – Boston, London, Paris, Shanghai, or New Delhi! An exciting cultural adventure combined with a solid encounter of the energy management industry, as well as Schneider insights.

global finals schneider go green

We look to meet the innovators of tomorrow who are driven to develop their ideas on the edge of IT and energy management. Join the challenge to build a more sustainable future!

If you share our passion for sustainability, it is your chance to make an impact! I encourage you to take the challenge and join the Go Green competition this year. We look forward to meeting you and learning about your ideas!

Ready to register or want to know more? Visit our Schneider Go Green website for details and registration

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